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Author: Joy Hughes 


Every day new cannabinoid-based brands are popping up on the scene, and only a few actually stand the test of time.

That’s because the brands that do last value transparency, self-regulation, customer service, and creating effective products. These hemp brands are a reputable beacon of light in an overly saturated market of dark and shady cannabis brands. And Vivimu just so happens to be one such reputable brand.

In a quick nutshell, Vimimu creates various hemp-derived, cannabinoid-based products that are sourced from pristine cultivated hemp. They offer fast shipping, a money-back guarantee, and secure online payment options.

Bottom line, Vivimu is a reputable brand that’s been gaining a lot of attention due to their high standards and high-quality cannabinoid products.

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    History of Vivimu

    Vivimu was officially established in November of 2021. So, they’re definitely a newer hemp brand.

    Since the use of cannabinoids have exploded in popularity, Vivimu also wanted to jump on the cannabinoid bandwagon. But they wanted to do so to raise positive awareness of the extraordinary benefits offered by cannabinoids and terpenes.

    For those reasons, Vivimu lives by three concepts:

    The first is to create only high-quality products that are efficiently dosed. Secondly, they offer their premium products at reasonable prices. And third, they ship all of their products as quickly as they can once the order is placed.

    But what really stood out to me about Vivimu that I don’t see from any other hemp brands, is that they feature other hemp brand products alongside their own products. And this is no accident.

    In order to fulfill their commitment to offer only the best cannabinoid-based products at affordable prices, they’ve personally partnered up with other reputable brands that they research, vet, and trust. And I think that’s pretty cool. That shows Vivimu isn’t afraid to share the spotlight.

    Now, I spent hours researching where Vivimu sources their hemp, and I couldn’t find anything. Instead, all I found was that they use pristine hemp. Usually, that lack of info raises a bit of a flag for me, but I decided to move forward with my review regardless.

    Which brings me to…

    Are Vivimu products safe?

    While there are quite a few published studies involving CBD, CBN, THC, and CBC, there are currently only a couple of studies involving HHC. However, I want to point out that because HHC is a semi-synthetic cannabinoid, its safety profile for long-term use is unclear at this point.

    That said, I’m happy to report that Vivimu does not make any false or misleading medical claims regarding their HHC products.

    That’s because their main mission is to become a hemp company their customers can truly trust. They do this by ensuring all of their cannabinoid-based products are rigorously tested before they ever hit the market. And to me, third party testing is always key in in terms of reputability, efficacy, and safety. All things considered, I personally felt fine moving forward with my Vivimu products review.

    What’s more, Vivimu dedicates a whole page on their website to their products' Certificates of Analysis (COAs). This shows me they're willing to take that extra step to reassure their customers that their products are protected by the 2018 Farm Bill, and they’re doing everything in their power to self-regulate.

    With all that said, I definitely did my due diligence in researching this hemp brand thoroughly. And I’ve gotta be honest… in addition to having trouble figuring out where they source their hemp, I also couldn’t uncover which extraction methods they use to create their cannabinoid-based products.

    Given the lack of information on the source of hemp and extraction method details, our team reached out to Vivimu to see if they could help answer these questions for us. They were happy to let us know that their hemp is grown in their home state of Colorado and that they use an ethanol extraction method for all the products outlined in this review.

    Although I'd prefer to see this info posted on their site, it was great to hear that their hemp is grown in United States and that they use a safe extraction method.

    Having these answers in addition to their detailed and up-to-date lab reports made me feel safe to explore the efficacy of their products.

    Vivimu products I tried

    Over a two-week period, I consumed the following Vivimu products:

    I’ve been consuming cannabinoid-based products for several years now. I’ve done several hemp-derived product reviews, and I’ve thoroughly studied the research surrounding all things cannabinoids. So I’m very adamant about following the directions and suggested use of any cannabinoid-based product I consume. And I used the same approach with the Vivimu products below…

    Vivimu Product Information

    Relaxing CBN 50mg Softgels Best used at the end of the day to promote relaxation, sleep, and calming effects. $39.99
    Relieving CBC 50mg Softgels Best used whenever you need relief from stress, pain, or anxiety. $39.99
    Focus CBDv/THCv 25mg Softgels Best used in the morning or before work for a boost in energy and laser focus. $24.99
    Delta 9 Gummies 3:1 CBD:THC - Watermelon, Raspberry, Mango, & Grape Best used during the day, as it tends to lean more on the hybrid or sativa side (in my experience). Great for energy, motivation, and getting out and about. $29.99
    HHC 25mg Gummies - Watermelon & Mango Best used at night or in the evening as it leans on the Indica side. Great for pain, relaxation, and vegging out after a long, stressful day. $24.99
    HHC 25mg Softgels Best used at night or in the evening as it leans on the Indica side. Great for pain, relaxation, and vegging out after a long stressful day. $24.99

    My Personal Vivimu Experience

    Before I dive into my first week on Vivimu, let me share a little bit about myself…

    I have a few health issues that I currently struggle with: IBS, hormonal imbalance, lower back issues, and symptoms of Endometriosis. Because of these health issues, I struggle with excruciating period cramps, chronic inflammation, nausea, anxiety, bouts of depression, insomnia, and fatigue.

    I also have a pretty limited diet due to my digestive issues; I have to be careful of certain ingredients I eat. If I’m not careful, I’ll experience painful stomach cramps and a whole lot of extra bathroom time. Oh, and I no longer have a gallbladder.


    Now, my symptoms can vary pretty widely from one month to the next, and they can sometimes change at the drop of a hat. But poor sleep, stomach pain, and fatigue are things I’ve been battling with a little more lately.

    Of course, I’ve had my fair share of prescription drugs and numerous hospital visits, and while I had hoped they would help with my health problems, in many cases they actually did more harm than good. I’ll never understand why we need so many antibiotics… just sayin’.

    For those reasons, I’ve had to find alternative medicinals to help address my various health symptoms. And cannabinoids like CBD, CBN, CBG, and THC, have worked wonders for me!

    So when I was asked to give Vivimu cannabinoid-based products a try, I was pumped, but still a little on the fence… I needed to research the Vivimu brand, and what I discovered was that they are truly a legit and reputable band (hence my review).

    Let’s begin…

    My first week on Vivimu

    All of my Vivimu products came in the same box, along with a small stack of papers. This included copies of Vivimu up-to-date COAs, a detailed receipt, and a letter confirming that each product contained the federally legal amount of no more than 0.3% Delta 9 THC.

    My first week I started with the following products:

    Since I battle with fatigue and hormone issues, my energy and focus can sometimes suffer. I can’t have caffeine, so I usually just power through and take natural supplements if needed. But when I saw that Vivimu had a “focus” product, I was curious to give it a try. The Focus CBDv/THCv 25mg Softgels is the first product I tried.

    I took it around 10am and proceeded with my work day. Within about an hour, I had forgotten all about the focus softgel until I realized that I was a little more energetic—and way more focused. I was pumped!

    The effects of the focus softgels started off subtle, and then increased a little more after about an hour or so. It lasted for about 3-4 hours. A great product!

    I then decided to try the Delta 9 watermelon gummies. First of all, these gummies smell great and even taste great at first. They do leave a bit of cannabis aftertaste, but believe me, I’ve tasted worse.

    Now, I actually ate less than half of the Delta 9 gummy because I’m a lightweight. I respond to THC very easily regardless of whether it has a high CBD:THC ratio. And let me tell ya, I got high.

    It really surprised me, because these 3:1 gummies are federally legal, but their effects are just like the good ol’ Delta 9 THC gummies I’ve purchased in states where it’s recreationally legal. The only difference is that I felt more of a body high than a head high. However, my senses were definitely elevated and I felt that classic THC feeling.

    The effects lasted for about 3 hours, but I would assume they would last much longer if I ate the whole gummy. Which, I know I wouldn’t be able to do since less than half of that gummy got me pretty high.

    That said, I did notice that the Delta 9 watermelon gummy definitely helped with some of my pain. It actually has a hybrid feel to it, so if you or someone you know tends to get paranoid from THC, I recommend that you (or they) use caution and only take half or less… depending on your tolerance level.

    The next day, I decided to give the REC’d Recreational HHC 25mg watermelon gummies a try. I was sorta hoping they would have similar effects to the focus softgels, but their effects were the exact opposite for me.

    Amazingly, the effects of these HHC gummies took place within 20 minutes for me. I felt a great body high and super relaxed. But I noticed that I started feeling a little too relaxed, like I just dosed myself with Indica. I was super chill and just wanted to veg out. So, I made a mental note not to take these HHC gummies during my work day.

    The effects lasted about 4 hours, and the taste was great—with no aftertaste!

    As I’ve mentioned earlier, I battle with a lot of pain and inflammation, so I was curious to see if the Relieving CBC 50mg softgels would actually work for me, and I’m happy to report that they did!

    Seriously, I had very little expectations about these softgels, but they actually worked. They helped with my headache, stomach cramps, and back pain. I even found myself sleeping just a tad bit better after taking one softgel.

    Week One Takeaways

    I continued with these products for the remainder of the week. I decided to only take the HHC gummies after work, and I played around with the different flavors of the Delta 9 gummies. I’m not the biggest fan of the grape flavor, but the mango was amazing. I’d actually choose it over the watermelon flavor, too.

    I have to say, all the products I tried during my first week were effective. However, the focus and relieving softgels were my favorite. I enjoyed the Delta 9 gummies, but they tend to lean toward the more potent and Sativa-like side of things. I actually prefer eating them on the weekend, instead of during the workweek. But that’s just me! Everyone is different.

    The HHC gummies were interesting and super effective, but they chilled me out a little too much for my taste. This is why I could only take them after work. But they did help get my mind off of my pain and stress. Again, the mango flavor was better than the watermelon flavor. Not to mention, the HHC gummies didn’t have an aftertaste like the Delta 9 gummies.

    My second week on Vivimu

    During my second week on Vivimu products, my dad unexpectedly ended up in the hospital. Thankfully, he’s doing a little better now, but that added a lot more stress to my week.

    For my second week on Vivimu, I tried the following products:

    I loved the focus softgels so much that I decided to stay on them during my second week on Vivimu products. I needed something to help me stay focused while working from my laptop in the hospital.

    However, I did take a break from them for about 3 days to see if the Delta 9 3:1 raspberry gummies might increase my energy during the day.

    Again, I decided to take less than half of the raspberry Delta 9 gummy at 10am, and to my surprise it did give me a bit of an energy boost, but it also made me a little too high for work and being in the hospital. I felt motivated to go do things or even clean; it didn’t really help keep me focused for work. That said, the raspberry flavor was pretty good, but it did leave an earthy aftertaste.

    I continued taking the Delta 9 gummy for a couple more days at 10am, but the results were always the same. I just wanted to be up and moving. I also found that it made me way more talkative, so that was fun for me and the nurses.

    When I realized that the Delta 9 gummies didn’t help with my focus, I returned to the focus softgels. And like magic, I was blitzing through work yet again!

    At the beginning of my second week, I kept taking the watermelon and mango flavored  REC’d Recreational HHC 25mg gummies, but I only took them in the evening. They definitely helped me unwind and relax. But towards the middle of the week, I wanted to see how the REC’d Recreational HHC 25mg softgels worked.

    I figured their effects would be similar to the HHC gummies, so again, I only took them in the evening. It took 45 minutes for these little softgels to kick in, but when they did, their effects actually lasted longer than any of the other Vivimu products—about 5-6 hours!

    Now, these HHC softgels had a really relaxing body high. I wasn’t at all paranoid or overwhelmed. In fact, they greatly helped with my body pains, which I wasn’t expecting. But I noticed that I would often zone out while I was on both the HHC gummies and softgels. Which is why I personally feel they should only be taken at night when you’re not doing much.

    Lastly, I decided to end my week/weekend giving the Relaxing CBN 50mg softgels a try. I was so excited about these softgels, especially since I had the added stress of caring for my dad in the hospital. I figured that since I had such success with the other Vivimu products, I would also have huge success with these relaxing softgels… but I think my expectations were a bit too high.

    Honestly, I didn’t feel or notice much from these CBN softgels. I really hate to say that, but I’m all about honest reviews, and these CBN softgels weren’t really relaxing at all. In fact, I actually struggled to fall asleep (and stay asleep) after taking them.

    I thought it was maybe a fluke, so I gave them a try the next evening. Again, I didn’t feel or notice much, and my sleep wasn’t that great either. I’m not sure what the deal was, but hey… you can’t win them all.

    Week Two Takeaways

    I have to say that during my second week on Vivimu, all of the products were effective—except for the relaxing CBN softgels.

    Again, I’m a lightweight when it comes to THC, so I only needed to eat less than half of the Delta 9 gummies. I’d say they’re more of a sativa high (at least for me), which can be overwhelming if you’re wanting to chill out. But if you take them during the day, like I did, then they’re actually pretty great for energy. Just don’t take them during a work day, because they don’t help with focus.

    Speaking of focus, Vivimu focus softgels were definitely my favorite product, because they actually did what they said they would do.

    The HHC gummies and softgels were great too, but again I would only take them in the evening. I will say the HHC softgels were super effective in pain relief.

    As for the relaxing CBN softgels, well… I didn’t notice much. But that doesn’t mean they won’t work for someone else. I believe everyone is different and their bodies will respond differently to certain cannabinoids. Just because these CBN softgels didn’t work for me, doesn’t mean they won’t work for you.

    Pros and Cons of Vivimu

    My overall Vivimu experience was good! But I do have to note a few pros and cons during my two week experiment.

    • Third Party Testing

      Because Vivimu values third party testing, and they provide up-to-date COAs for all of their products on their website and in their packaging, I felt safe when consuming their products.

    • Compliant with 2018 Farm Bill

      All of Vivimu’s products are federally legal and are fully compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill. So that gives me peace of mind knowing that I’m not consuming anything federally illegal.

    • cGMP & FDA Registered Facility

      Only the softgels that I received were created in a registered FDA facility and labeled with a cGMP stamp. This means that these products are safe to consume and are highly self-regulated by Vivimu. Although the softgels were the only product with this label, Vivimu confirmed that all their products meet this standard and will have this label moving forward. 

    • Highly Effective Psychoactive Products

      Vivimu’s Delta 9 3:1 gummies, HHC gummies, and HHC softgels are all super effective and psychoactive. But thankfully, they’re not overwhelming and they didn’t cause any paranoia effects. I also like that these products are super discreet and conveniently easy to consume.

    • Highly Effective Focus and Relieving Softgels

      Vivimu Relief CBC and Focus CBDv/THCv softgels were hands-down the most effective products I consumed. They were also my favorite products.

    • Great Tasting HHC Gummies

      The HHC gummies had an awesome fruity taste and didn’t leave a weird earthy or bitter aftertaste.

    • Artificial Coloring and Corn Syrup

      While Vivimu Delta 9 3:1 gummies and HHC gummies were super effective, they did contain questionable ingredients like artificial colors and corn syrup. Which is why I decided to only eat less than half of a gummy at a time, because of my sensitive stomach. Well, that along with the fact that I’m a lightweight when it comes to THC and HHC. Thankfully, I didn’t experience any stomach discomfort.

    • Ineffective CBN Relaxing Softgels

      I’m so sad to report that the CBN softgels didn’t have any effect on me. I really had high hopes for this product, but I felt nothing.

    • No mention of extraction methods or hemp source on their website

      Vivimu hasn't published any information on their site regarding their extraction methods or source of their hemp. After speaking with the Vivimu team, they were able to confirm that they grown their own hemp in Colorado and use an ethanol extraction method which is great to hear. We hope they'll consider publishing this info on their website so it's easily accessible.

    Final Thoughts


    Overall, I was grateful to have the opportunity to try Vivimu’s products these past couple of weeks. The focus and relieving softgels were by far my favorite products and the most effective for me.

    As for the HHC gummies and softgels, they definitely helped chill me out and target my added stress and pain.

    I enjoyed the Delta 9 3:1 gummies. But I have to watch how much of them I eat, because these gummies are strong and they contain some questionable ingredients. Thankfully, those ingredients didn’t affect me too much.

    I was hoping the CBN relaxing softgels would help calm my nerves and promote better sleep, but they didn’t do anything. In fact, I actually had a harder time sleeping after taking them. But that’s just me.

    It’s important to realize that each person is different, which means not everyone will respond the same way to certain cannabinoids. While the CBN relaxing softgels didn’t work for me, that doesn’t mean they won’t work for someone else.

    I tend to be a lightweight when it comes to THC and its variants like HHC. So, Vivimu 3:1 gummies and HHC gummies were super effective for me, even though I only ate less than half of a gummy. For other people, they might need to eat the whole gummy to feel its effects.

    What I like about Vivimu is that they focus on third party testing and offer great customer service. This makes it clear to me that they actually care about their customers.

    Because no two hemp brands are alike, it’s very important that you do your research and make sure you only buy cannabinoid-based products from reputable brands like Vivimu.

    With that said, I’ll definitely be buying from Vivimu in the future, especially their focus and relieving softgels.

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