Valentine’s Day CBD Gift Guide

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Author: Jason Beverly

Best CBD Gifts for Him, Her, and Furry Friends

Valentine’s Day may look a bit different this year with COVID, rather than love, in the air. But while most restaurants are closed and the chance to go on that special date is looking slim, CBD may be the perfect gift to help you and your Valentine stay in and chill out. No need to stress on scoring last-minute reservations, running to the florist, or trying to find the perfect gift. Here are our top picks that will make him, her, even your pets feel the love!


Best CBD for Him

Sure on Valentine’s Day it’s typically men doing the gifting, but why not spoil him this year. Check a few gifts that will make your man feel special.

Take advantage of Proper Canna Naturals’ Dream Bundle and save more than 40%. Created for all dreamers out there, their combination of Muscle Salve and Dreamsicle Tincture will guarantee the gift of a good night’s sleep. Order now and have your gift waiting for your loved one before the big day. As an added Bonus, upon request, they will also gift wrap this bundle and throw in an extra gift for free! If you're interested in any of their other products use promo-code: “VDAY20” at check out and receive an additional 20% off.

The Half Day CBD Bundle has it all including delicious gummies, oil, and even prerolls. This combo is perfect if he’s interested in incorporating CBD into his daily routine, but doesn’t know where to start.

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Cannaflower CBD is a premium CBD flower company which has a wide variety of strains and products. They recently developed a CBD Flower Discovery Box which is an excellent give for someone who's new to flower. We love the box because it helped us figure out which CBD flower strains work best for us.

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Mission Farms’ Relax CBD Cream is a mini spa experience always within reach. This rejuvenating skin cream is loaded with full-spectrum CBD to increase the availability of serotonin to the brain, allowing his mind and body complete relaxation.

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Funky Farms Granddaddy Purple CBD Cartridge is made from naturally grown hemp and provides you with a delicious grape, berry aroma that helps calm your racing thoughts and relaxes your body. This is great for anyone looking to enjoy the health and wellness benefits of cannabis without the intoxicating effects.

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Original Hemp’s Topical Soothing Cream is infused with Organic coconut oil, argan oil, shea butter, full-spectrum hemp extract and 10+ botanicals. This natural body cream will absorb on contact leaving his skin feeling soft, smooth and hydrated.

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The Pelicann’s Red Velvet Cupcake Cannamix is a decadent mix made from the finest quality ingredients and with real chocolate. Try making this delicious treat for your man and watch him melt.

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Best CBD for Her

Roses and chocolate have been done; this year get your Valentine something different. Step up your game with these gifts to show her your love.

Take the stress off this Valentine's Day with an at home date night and impress your sweetheart with Proper Canna Naturals’ St. Valentine’s Bundle which includes a luxurious and therapeutic 600mg full spectrum CBD Aloe Lavender Body Lotion and a pure, unaltered Natural 600mg Tincture. What better way to say “I Love You” than giving the gift of health and vitality that will last for weeks to come!

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This Half Day CBD Bundle includes delicious CBD gummies and fast acting salve. Perfect for someone easing into the idea of CBD. Trust us, she’ll be a fan in no time.

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Cannaflower CBD is a premium CBD flower company which has a wide variety of strains and products. They sell boxes of pre-rolled CBD joints which make for the perfect give for your woman.

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Mission Farms CBD Bath Soaks really are better than bath bombs and probably the closest thing to getting spa-like luxury in your own home. Loaded with goat milk, healing essential oils, and full-spectrum CBD, these soaks will have her emerging from the bath with deeply moisturized skin, soothed muscles, and a renewed spirit.

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Tru Infusion’s Women’s Health CBD Capsules are easily transportable and great for that girl on-the-go. They offer CBD oil in a convenient form with added ingredients specifically formulated to support the unique nutritional needs of a Woman at every stage of life. These CBD oil capsules also make it easy to measure dosage, completely removing the guesswork.

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If she isn’t a morning person, Empress Teas’ Morning Ritual Blend may be the perfect gift for her. Their harmonious blend provides the healing power of plants, botanicals, and flowers for the perfect cup of tea. Infused with water-soluble CBD, each blend incorporates organic, sustainable, and fair-trade ingredients sourced from around the world to bring body, mind, and spirit back into alignment.

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Budzy's subscription boxes are specially curated to help every woman to indulge in self-love every day. Their monthly box elevates the CBD experience with its ever-changing curation of world-class CBD-infused products like wearable calming patches, chocolates, nourishing facial masks, feel-good teas, healthy treats, soothing balms, and much more- all conveniently delivered to her door!

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Original Hemp’s Cool Relief Roll-On can be used any time of day, whether you want to soothe aching muscles after a morning workout, ease body discomfit during a long workday, or get targeted relief before bed. This is the perfect solution if your Valentine is active.

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Willow CBD’s Cream is a luxurious blend of peppermint, citrus, and lavender blended into a terpene rich, full spectrum hemp extract. Apply a small amount of the cream and massage into the skin topically. She’ll only need a small amount to feel the effects and enjoy its benefits.

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Best CBD for Your Pet

We can’t forget our lovable, furry friends. If you’ve noticed your pet is feeling the pandemic stress, these products may just do the trick.

Proper Canna Naturals’ 600mg Peanut Butter CBD Oil is a craft hemp extract blend with just a kick of Organic peanut butter flavoring that your furry companion will go crazy over. Simply squeeze the drops directly into your pet's mouth, in their water, on their food, or onto their treats and watch them enjoy the peanut buttery goodness.

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Tru Infusion’s CBD Dog Biscuits allow you to give your furry friend the same CBD benefits you enjoy. Each all-natural bacon flavored biscuit is flavored made with human-grade ingredients, ensuring only the best for your four-legged family member.

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Mission Farms’ Pet CBD Oil is formulated to help aging pets feel youthful and stressed pets feel calmer. With all-natural ingredients to calm nerves, ease discomfort, and improve joint mobility, this beef jerky flavored oil will make a happier pet (which means a happier you.)

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