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Author: Jason Beverly

CBD flower has quickly become a popular way of consuming CBD. Consumers have realized that smoking or vaping CBD flower derived from hemp is an effective way to get a dose of CBD without waiting an hour or two to feel like effects from CBD oil. Smoking CBD flower has several benefits including relief from anxiety and pain.


The rise of indoor grown CBD flower

The quality of CBD flower has improved significantly over the past couple years. Historically, hemp has been grown outdoors. But recently, cultivators have increased indoor hemp production. Growing hemp indoors allows cultivators to have total control of the entire growing process. Cultivators have used this control to develop a new standard for CBD flower.

Smoking outdoor CBD flower vs. indoor CBD flower

A lot of people may wonder, what’s the difference in smoking outdoors CBD flower vs. indoor CBD flower. Let me start by saying that outdoor CBD flower isn’t bad by any means. Experienced growers can grow top shelf CBD flower bother indoor and outdoor. But in general, the main difference in outdoor CBD flower vs indoor is how the bud smokes.

Outdoor CBD flower will generally be a little harsher than indoor CBD flower. Indoor CBD flower will also taste/smell better overall. Lastly, indoor CBD flower is typically more expensive due to the additional resources needed to create it.

What is top shelf CBD flower?

Top shelf CBD flower is indoor grown, premium hemp buds. It has denser buds, advanced terpene levels and an exceptional taste. If you’re used to outdoor CBD flower, you’ll really enjoy trying top shelf CBD bud.

Top shelf CBD flower requires skilled grower and with the industry being as new as it is, experienced growers can be hard to come by. Veteran growers typically employ techniques like regenerative agriculture and organic growing methods. Top shelf CBD flower requires growers to go the extra mile to achieve a new standard.

What are the best top shelf CBD flower strains?

As we mentioned, it’s hard to come by quality CBD flower because there are a lot of subpar growers out there. We’ve tested lots of CBD producers, but we haven’t found one as good as Cannaflower. Their product line of indoor grown CBD flower is definitely top shelf. Let’s review some of my favorite strains which I believe are the best in the market.

1. Lemon Drop

  • Avg. CBD percent: 15%
  • Sativa, Indica or Hybrid: Hybrid
  • Grown Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor
  • Best Used For: Anytime
  • Effects: Lemon Drop is a premium, indoor-grown CBD flower strain that bodes well with just about any occasion. This strain has a strong, fruity taste that will immediately perk you up. Lemon Drop makes me feel cheerful, friendly and lively. Next time you have a small social gathering, bring along Lemon Drop CBD flower.

2. Rainbow Sherbet

  • Avg. CBD percent: 16%
  • Sativa, Indica or Hybrid: Sativa
  • Grown Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor
  • Best Used For: Morning or Day
  • Effects: Rainbow Sherbet is the newest strain released by Cannaflower CBD. This strain packs a powerful punch of strong sativa effects. I like this strain when I'm in need of some inspiration. Recently I've developed a habit of kicking off every new project with Rainbow Sherbet. This strain is also super tasty so if you're picky when it comes to flavor, give this a shot.

3. Berry Cobbler

  • Avg. CBD percent: 15%
  • Sativa, Indica or Hybrid: Indica
  • Grown Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor
  • Best Used For: Evening or Before Bed
  • Effects: Berry Cobbler is the best indica-dominant, indoor strain around. This strain is best smoked after a long day when it's time to relax. Berry Cobbler has a variety of cannabinoids and terpenes which all work synergistically to bring you the ultimate "chill" experience.

4. Sour Tsunami

  • Avg. CBD percent: 12%
  • Sativa, Indica or Hybrid: Hybrid
  • Grown Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor
  • Best Used For: Day or Night
  • Effects: The Sour Tsunami is a great anytime strain that's grown indoors. The indoor growth is highlighted in the taste and flavor of this strain. I like this strain because it calms my nerves has also offers some pain relief.

5. Frosted Lime

  • Avg. CBD percent: 16%
  • Sativa, Indica or Hybrid: Sativa
  • Grown Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor
  • Best Used For: Morning or Day
  • Effects: The Frosted Lime strain is one of my favorite sativa-dominant strains. You probably noticed that Frosted Lime is an outdoor grown strain but to me it smokes like indoor. This strain is my go-to pick in the morning because it puts me in an upbeat energetic type of mood. I also like using it before a bike rides or workouts.

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