Martha Stewart CBD Review

Martha Stewart teamed up with Canopy Growth, a Canadian cannabis company, to launch a new line of CBD products. Martha joins a long list of celebrities who've jumped on the CBD bandwagon.

Martha's initial CBD offering consists of CBD oil drops, gummies and softgels. After testing and analyzing Martha Stewart's CBD product line, we believe that it's a brand that's here to stay.


What makes Martha Stewart CBD unique?

Martha Stewart is launched her CBD brand in a saturated market that has become difficult to compete in. So, what makes Martha Stewart’s brand unique? The biggest differentiators this brand has to offer are quality, price and flavor.

Martha Stewart CBD is all about quality

The CBD market is still unregulated in the United States. This lack of regulation has led some companies to take advantage of this situation by selling CBD products that don’t actually contain CBD. This situation has made it difficult for consumers to know which CBD companies to trust.

Martha Stewart is a trusted name in the health and wellness space. In addition, Canopy Growth is one of the largest cannabis companies in the world which brings a wealth of consumer confidence.


Superior CBD at affordable prices


When it comes to buying CBD, you usually get what you pay for. According to Weedmaps, consumers can expect to pay anywhere from 10 cents per milligram to 15 cents per milligram for quality CBD oil. Of course, there are cheaper options around 5 cents per milligram but those companies are usually missing a Certificate of Analysis (COA).

Martha Stewart’s CBD oil comes in at 6 cents per milligram when making a one-time purchase. They also offer a 15% discount when you sign up for autoship so if you go that route, you’d only pay 5 cents per milligram. Martha Stewart and Canopy Growth are definitely making a statement with their surprisingly low-priced products.

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Doris B
Doris B
3 years ago

This is the first time I tried CBD and it has been nothing short of a miracle. I’m older and therefore on several medications. I started taking Martha’s CBD oil and gummies. I take each type twice a day and the benefits have been unbelievable. I think I can cut back on my medication but waiting to hear from my doctor. Highly recommend Martha’s products.