Cannaflower Review

I smoked Cannaflower for 5 weeks. Here's what happened.

Author: Joy Hughes 

Cannaflower is an American premium retailer of high-quality, organic hemp flower.

As mentioned on their website, Cannaflower believes in “whole plant medicine”, as most of the benefits attributed to cannabis are made more available by consuming all of what the hemp plant has to offer: Cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and more.

Each certificate of analysis is made available to the public for each product they carry on their website. This allows them to uphold the highest standards of excellence and integrity when it comes to their products.

Their sole purpose is to cultivate premium artisan flower that provides everyone they serve with a therapeutic and excellent experience.

With over 100 years of experience in cultivating hemp flower, Cannaflower can be found in more than 300 stores in the United States.

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    Brief history of Cannaflower

    The company that started out as Berkshire CBD has now evolved into the well-established Cannaflower.

    Based in Vermont, Cannaflower is one of the most recognized hemp flower brands in the CBD industry.

    While they offer a variety of products, their artisan hemp flower receives the most praise—partly because they offer a variety of strains that are meticulously grown indoors and outdoors.

    By offering both indoor and outdoor CBD only flower strains, Cannaflower can focus on the unique attributes each strain has to offer by supplying the proper cultivating atmosphere and techniques.

    All of their hemp flower is:

    • Organically grown
    • Hand trimmed
    • Slowly cured for 60 days

    They offer popular high-CBD strains such as:

    They also offer premium full-spectrum CBD oils that range from 375mg to 750mg.

    All in all, it’s safe to say that Cannaflower is by far the most trustworthy hemp flower company on the market today.

    Is Cannaflower safe to smoke?

    Anytime I’m asked to review a CBD brand, I become obsessed with researching how safe the brand actually is.

    Now I know I’m not the first to say this, but based on my research, Cannaflower has blown me away with their cultivating practices.

    Their standards are incredibly high when it comes to growing their hemp. Not only do they adhere to organic farming practices, like ensuring their soil is first free from harmful toxins, but they operate in full compliance of their local and federal regulations.

    Which means, their premium hemp flower falls within the legal amount of 0.3% THC.

    As mentioned earlier, all of their lab results for each of their products can be found on their website.

    But I think what really blew me away, and ultimately got me excited to try Cannaflower, was the overwhelming number of 5-star reviews I found around the web.

    It seems like everyone is reviewing their amazing experience with Cannaflower products on YouTube, Facebook, Reddit, and other platforms.

    So with complete confidence in the safety of their products, I dove right into the 6 hemp flower strains I received from Cannaflower.

    Cannaflower products I tried


    Over the course of 5 weeks, I smoked 6 different hemp flower strains from Cannaflower:

    While there are no dosing instructions on the package of these hemp flower buds, I did take it slow with each hemp strain.

    Use promo code CBDBENEFITS to get 10% off site wide.

    Cannaflower product information

    White CBG An upbeat hybrid hemp strain that offers a unique flavor profile without any THC. CBGa - 12.5%
    CBG - 0.09%
    CBC - 0.09%
    CBDa - 0.07%
    THCa - 0.25%
    1 gram - $9.95
    3.5 grams - $24.95
    7 grams - $39.95
    14 grams - $64.95
    1 ounce - $109.95
    Lifter A sativa hemp strain that helps calm the mind without feeling heavily sedated. CBDa - 20.0%
    CBC - 0.14%
    CBGa - 0.53%
    THCa - 0.54%
    THC - 0.22%
    1 gram - $9.95
    3.5 grams - $24.95
    7 grams - $39.95
    14 grams - $64.95
    1 ounce - $109.95
    Hawaiian Haze A sativa hemp strain that offers a relaxing feel to get you through the work day. CBDa- 19%
    CBGa - 0.64%
    CBC - 0.15%
    THCa - 0.50%
    THC - 0.19%
    1 gram - $9.95
    3.5 grams - $24.95
    7 grams - $39.95
    14 grams - $64.95
    1 ounce - $109.95
    Sour Tsunami A hybrid hemp strain that offers a balance of relief and relaxation. CBDa - 20.0%
    CBGa - 1.40%
    THCa - 0.79%
    THC - 0.08%
    1 gram - $12.95
    3.5 grams - $32.95
    7 grams - $49.95
    Abacus An indica hemp strain that offers a soothing and relaxing feel to help you wind down for the night. CBDa - 9.06%
    CBD - 2.59%
    CBGa - 0.28%
    CBC - 0.19%
    THC - 0.26%
    1 gram - $8.95
    3.5 grams - $24.95
    7 grams - $39.95
    14 grams - $59.95
    1 ounce - $99.95
    Rainbow Sherbet A sativa hemp strain that offers an uplifting, calm feeling that's perfect for daytime use. CBDa - 16.0%
    CBGa - 0.47%
    THCa - 0.55%
    THC - 0.07%
    1 gram - $12.95
    3.5 grams - $32.95
    7 grams - $49.95

    My experience with Cannaflower

    Before I get into my 5-week experiment with Cannaflower, I wanted to share a few things about my health.

    For the past several years, I’ve battled with a few health problems:

    While diet and exercise are the two main tools I use to keep these health issues under control, buying CBC/CBD has been my saving grace when my symptoms become overwhelming.

    For the last couple of years, my hormonal imbalance has all but destroyed my sleep. I’m lucky to get 3 or maybe 4 hours at a time.

    Thankfully, certain high-quality CBD oils, gummies, and even capsules have helped me tremendously.

    But lately, I’ve been struggling with fatigue.

    I’m usually a morning person, but for the past few months I’ve struggled with getting out of bed.

    While some of these sleep issues are correlated with my hormonal imbalance, I’ve been curious to see if CBD flower would help.

    You see, I’ve always heard that smoking CBD flower not only takes effect much faster, but it can hold even more therapeutic value.

    So you can imagine just how excited I was when I received my Cannaflower package in the mail.

    These are the following things I wanted to see if Cannaflower would be able to improve:

    • Better sleep
    • More energy during the day
    • Less sciatic and ovary pain
    • Less anxiety and panic attacks

    Now I know this seems like a lot, but I’m not necessarily looking for Cannaflower to cure these symptoms or issues. I’m simply looking to see if they can help in any way possible.

    That said, I dove right into my first week.

    1st Week - White CBG Stain

    My first impression of Cannaflower was great! I absolutely loved the packaging.

    Very professional and clean looking. I also loved the designs on each package and the cute little “Tasting Notes”.

    For my first week I started with White CBG. Prior to this, I’d only ever consumed CBD and THC. So, I was pretty pumped to try CBG.

    Also, I’m not much of a smoker. But again, I was excited to see how hemp flower could address some of my health issues, so I was up for it.

    I ended up getting a little glass bowl to smoke each hemp strain in. Let me just say that each of the hemp strains I received from Cannaflower were beautifully hand trimmed.


    I started with a small amount and inhaled very slowly. It was smooth and had a lemony taste to it.

    White CBG was by far the smoothest hemp flower I’ve ever smoked in my life. I didn’t cough at all and I made sure to inhale deeply after I got the hang of it.

    I didn’t notice anything right off the bat. But as I went on with my day, I did feel more relaxed. I also noticed it didn’t make me feel sleepy. In fact, it seemed to have made me more alert.

    I continued with White CBG for the rest of the week and felt super chill but slightly energized. While I can’t say whether it helped me be more productive, I will say it calmed me down and helped me to not focus so much on my aches and pains.

    2nd Week - Rainbow Sherbet Strain

    For my second week, I tried Rainbow Sherbet. And by the name alone, I was super excited to try it!

    Like the White CBG strain, Rainbow Sherbet also had a lemony taste, but it smelled fruitier to me when I first opened the package.

    Again, I started with a small amount and inhaled slowly. No matter what I did, every single time I inhaled I ended up coughing. But I didn’t let that stop me, even if it did irritate my throat a bit.

    I didn’t notice much from this strain, other than the fact that it didn’t make me sleepy. But I continued with Rainbow Sherbet for the next 5 days and I can honestly say, I didn’t feel much from it.

    But I had plans to revisit this stain one last time before I wrote my review.


    3rd Week - Lifter & Sour Tsunami Strains

    During my third week I decided to try Sour Tsunami and Lifter.

    On the package, there’s a cool little meter that shows whether the hemp strain leans more toward energizing or calming.

    Lifter was definitely considered a more energizing strain, whereas Sour Tsunami was more on the calming side of the spectrum.

    I’ve always heard that Lifter was good for energy, so I decided to smoke Sour Tsunami at night and Lifter in the morning.

    By the third week, I felt like a pro-smoker. But still, I started with a small amount and inhaled slowly.

    It was late morning on a Sunday when I decided to start with Lifter. Upon opening the package, I was hit with an aroma like that of lemon and clove. It was pretty strong.

    I was expecting the Lifter to be a lot like Rainbow Sherbet, in that it would irritate my throat and cause me to cough, but to my surprise it didn’t do either.

    It was almost as smooth as the White CBG flower.

    At first, I didn’t notice anything. But as the day went on, I began to feel it. I had so much energy! I was super talkative and ready to move. I also noticed that my aches and pains had faded.

    I was pumped, and I decided to try the Sour Tsunami right before bed.


    The colors of this Sour Tsunami were very noticeable and the smell was very earthy. I slowly inhaled and immediately started coughing. Thankfully the taste was sweeter than the smell, but it was hard for me to stop coughing.

    While I definitely felt more calm, I can’t say it helped me fall asleep. But I continued with both Lifter and Sour Tsunami for a full week.

    Lifter was hands-down amazing. Every single time I smoked it I felt energized. Sour Tsunami was calming, but I had a hard time smoking it.

    4th Week - Abacus Strain

    My fourth week I decided to try Abacus. Up to this point, I had noticed that most of the hemp strains I received were more energizing than calming, other than the sour Tsunami.

    So, my expectations of Abacus weren’t very high.

    The first thing I noticed upon opening the package was that it was incredibly pungent, with a strong earthy smell and notes of citrus.

    I started off slowly and found it to be pretty smooth. It wasn’t nearly as smooth as White CBG, but it was much smoother than Sour Tsunami and Rainbow Sherbet.

    Again, my expectations were low. But that quickly changed once I got into bed after smoking. I suddenly felt my eyes getting heavy and I became super calm.

    After that, I just remember waking up.

    I continued with Abacus for the next two weeks because I needed something to help me sleep. And it did.


    5th Week - Hawaiian Haze Strain

    My fifth and final week, I decided to try Hawaiian Haze, and of course Abacus at night.

    Hawaiian Haze had such a fruity smell to it, and it even left a sweet aftertaste.

    Again, I’m not sure what I was doing when I smoked it. But for some reason, Hawaiian Haze had me coughing like crazy. I powered through nonetheless.

    The one thing I noticed from Hawaiian Haze was that I felt more alert than I did with Rainbow Sherbet. I found this to be odd since the meter on the back suggested that Rainbow Sherbet was more energizing.

    I continued with Hawaiian Haze until the second to last day of my final week.


    I wanted to revisit Rainbow Sherbet one last time.

    Sadly, nothing changed. I coughed like crazy and it ended up giving me a headache.

    Pros and Cons of Cannaflower

    Overall, I have to say that Cannaflower really does live up to their reputation. And my experience with them was pretty good, considering I’m not much of a smoker.

    Nevertheless, here are my pros and cons regarding my 5-week experiment with Cannaflower products…

    • Organically Grown

      I think what I love the most about Cannaflower is that they have incredibly high standards when it comes to cultivating their hemp flower. They start with organic soil that is free from harmful toxins, and they utilize sustainable farming practices that ensure their hemp is safe to consume.

    • Lab Tested

      They have each and every one of their products meticulously tested to ensure safety, quality, consistency, and label accuracy. And all of their lab results can be found on their website.

    • Hand Trimmed and Slowly Cured

      You can tell a lot about a company that puts time and effort into their presentation. The trim job of each bud I received made it easier to smoke and lets me know they care. They didn’t just bag it like some companies do. Plus, they slowly cure the hemp flower for 60 days to get the best flavors and highest cannabinoid levels possible.

    • Effective Hemp Flower

      Lifter, Abacus, and White CBG were by far my favorite hemp flower strains I received. I noticed a difference in how I felt regarding pain, sleep, anxiety, and productivity. I’ll definitely be using those strains again. That’s not to say Sour Tsunami, Hawaiian Haze, and Rainbow Sherbet aren’t effective; they just aren’t my personal preference, for various reasons..

    • Packaging and Price

      I absolutely love the packaging of each of my hemp flower stains. The colors and information on each package left a memorable impression for me. Also, the price per package is very reasonable, especially for the amount of quality you get per bud.

    • Rainbow Sherbet made me cough

      As much as I wanted the Rainbow Sherbet to work, it didn’t. For some reason it just irritated my throat too much. Even after giving it a second try, I ended up getting a headache.

    • Hawaiian Haze and Sour Tsunami are not as effective

      While both of these hemp strains are more effective than Rainbow Sherbet, they didn’t live up to the hype for me. They both made me cough and I didn’t notice much of a change, even after 6-7 days of consumption.

    • A little more backstory

      While I absolutely love Cannaflower and think their website is incredibly user-friendly, I wish they had a little more info on their backstory and the details of how they grow their hemp. I found most of that info by reading online interviews and reviews.


    Final thoughts

    In the end, I felt better on Cannaflower. The key takeaways for me were:

    • With Abacus, I fell asleep faster.
    • With Lifter, I felt more productive and energized.
    • With White CBG, I felt alert and super calm at the same time. Plus, it was the smoothest hemp flower I’ve ever smoked.
    • On Hawaiian Haze I was alert but coughed a lot.

    During my 5-week experiment I had less pain, anxiety, and panic. I also felt more energized and alert. So, I think it’s safe to say that Cannaflower is a win!

    I encourage anyone who is interested in trying hemp flower to give Cannaflower a shot.

    They are one of the few reputable hemp companies I’ve come across. They have outstanding customer service and over 6,000 5-star reviews. Just remember to take it slow and start with a small amount, especially if you're new to smoking flower.

    Use promo code CBDBENEFITS to get 10% off site wide.

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