Best Delta-8 THC Wax/Sauce/Dabs

Author: Jason Beverly

Delta-8 THC products only started to become popular in early 2020, but ever since then they’ve exploded. This rise in popularity is reminiscent of the early days of CBD and Delta-8 THC, also known as Delta 8, has shown no signs of slowing down.

Companies have been working non-stop to develop and manufacture Delta 8 products to keep up with consumer demand. There are now several different types of Delta 8 products available which include: gummies, tinctures, vapes, edibles and of course distillate!

Now I know what you’re probably thinking, why wasn’t Delta 8 wax listed? I didn’t list wax because there aren’t any quality Delta 8 wax products available. We won’t dive into all the details of why this is but essentially, it’s due to how Delta 8 is created differently than the way that CBD/Delta-9 wax is derived from the plant. But not to worry, we’re going to go over a product that dabs just as well as wax. Enter Delta 8 distillate with terpenes, also referred to as Delta 8 sauce.


In the early days of Delta 8, most users would buy raw Delta 8 distillate and dab it straight. People quickly learned that the effects of Delta 8 are much better when mixed with terpenes. Therefore, people would buy distillate, heat it up, mix in terpenes and dab away. Delta 8 manufacturers then picked up on this trend and began selling their own mixtures of Delta 8 sauce.

What is Delta 8 sauce?

Delta 8 sauce is simply the mixture of raw Delta 8 distillate with terpenes. It typically has a ratio of about 95% Delta 8 with the remaining 5% being terpenes. These terpenes can be either cannabis-derived terpenes (CDT) or botanical-derived terpenes (BDT). Since Delta 8 sauce is simply Delta 8 with terpenes, some manufacturers will still call it just that, Delta 8 distillate/extract with terpenes.

What’s so great about Delta 8 sauce?

The beauty of Delta 8 sauce is in the terpenes. There’s not a whole lot of diversity when it comes to Delta 8 distillate due to the way it’s created. That’s why Delta 8 distillate and terpenes are a match made in heaven. The reason why terpenes are so helpful is because they can help craft the effects of Delta 8. Some blends are designed to give off energetic effects, while others might be more relaxing or pain reliving. Make sure to test some different blends to find out what works best for you.

What are the best Delta 8 sauce brands?

1. 3Chi Delta 8 Sauce

3Chi is undoubtedly the leader in selling Delta 8 due to spending over 15 years researching and developing cannabinoids. 3Chi employs a team of biochemists that have created several types of Delta 8 products including Delta 8 sauce. This sauce consists of 95% Delta 8, 5% cannabis-derived terpenes. One of the great parts about 3Chi’s Delta 8 sauce is the fact that they offer over 12 types of terpenes so you’re bound to find one that works for you. My favorites are Gelato & Snowman.

2. Urb Delta 8 Sauce

Urb Delta 8 Sauce grabbed the second spot on our list due to its incredible flavor and effects. The Urb brand is an up and comer in the Delta 8 space but they’re definitely making a name for themselves with this sauce. This sauce is mostly Delta 8 and terpene based, but it also contains CBN and CBD make for unique effects. My favorite terpene profile for the Urb Delta 8 Sauce is the Watermelon Zkittles as it’s perfect before bed.

3. Diesel Hemp Delta 8 Crumble

The newest addition to our list is Diesel Hemp's Delta 8 Crumble. This product is quite different to the rest of the Delta 8 concentrates listed here. Diesel Hemp's product is mostly based on CBD/CBG with a smaller percent of Delta 8.

You see, Diesel Hemp takes a different approach and begins by extracting full spectrum oil from their own hemp. They then mix it with some Delta 8 distillate and then add their own strain-specific terpenes to round out the cannabinoid blend. This mixture makes for a unique experience incomparable to the others. The effects aren't as strong as traditional Delta 8 dabs, but it's still a very pleasurable experience. This makes it an excellent product for beginner's or those trying to reduce their Delta 8 consumption.

Save 30% on all Diesel Hemp products with code: CBDBenefits30

4. Triangle Trading Company (TTC) Sauce

Triangle Trading Company's Delta 8 sauce is quickly becoming a fan favorite. Their sauce also uses a similar ratio of distillate to terpenes 95% : 5% as 3Chi. Although the ratio is the same, the effects are unique which is likely due to the quality cannabis derived terpenes (CDT). Triangle Trading Company's sauce comes in over 15 different terpene options which offer a wide-range of effects. My favorites are Girl Scout Cookies & Northern Lights.

5. Snapdragon Hemp Delta 8 Extract w/ Terpenes

Last but not least on the list of Best Delta 8 sauce brands is Snapdragon Hemp. Snapdragon Hemp is another big brand in the industry but historically they’ve been known for their fresh-baked Delta 8 edibles. More recently, they came out with a 2-gram jar of Delta 8 distillate with several terpene blend options. Snapdragon uses cannabis-derived terpenes and I’m not sure where they are sourcing them, but they’re very high quality. Another thing we love about the Snapdragon Delta 8 distillate with terpenes is the affordability. The 2-gram jar costs $29.99 which is about the same price as the 1-gram options from 3Chi & Urb.

In summary..

Although there aren’t any quality Delta 8 wax products available, we believe that Delta 8 sauce (Delta 8 distillate with terpenes) dab just as well. One of the best parts about Delta 8 sauce is the fact that you can use terpenes to craft the type of effects you’re looking for. There’s are endless options of terpenes to choose from so it’s best to test them to see what works best for you.

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