Best Delta 8 According to Reddit – Top Mentioned Gummies, Disposables, Vape Carts, Flower & More

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Author: Joy Hughes

It’s no surprise that everyone is wanting to give Delta 8 THC a try. After all, it’s federally legal and it’s considered to be both highly therapeutic and euphoric. The best of both worlds, right?

But finding high quality Delta 8 THC can be a hassle. Especially if you have no idea what you’re looking for.

Thankfully, there are a lot of top 5 and 10 lists that help make your Delta 8 THC search a bit easier. But even those lists can be somewhat shady.

That’s why we’ve decided to create a list of the best Delta 8 brands according to Reddit users.

Medical marijuana top view. Cannabis hemp legalize artistic concept with warm sunlight spots. The new fresh modern look of medical marijuana. Green big leaves and blooming bud with trichomes

Now if you don’t know anything about the Reddit forum, you’re in for a treat… It’s an awesome network of people shedding light on their own interests and hobbies. But among those interests and hobbies, a lot of people have created threads of helpful content regarding which Delta 8 brands are best and which are best to avoid.

We love that! Mainly because these Reddit users are real-life customers looking to make the Delta 8 market a truly safe and reputable industry.

So, it’s not uncommon to see Reddit users calling out certain so-called “Delta 8 Brands” that are purely just looking to turn a profit and put people's health in danger.

What’s more, the Delta 8 Reddit forum has even been referenced in a PubMed study. How’s that for credibility?

If you haven’t checked out the Delta 8 Reddit forum, then it’s about time you did. Because it’s the very forum we’ve used to create perhaps the most honest and intriguing list of the best Delta 8 brands on the market today.

Now without further ado, let’s dive in…

3Chi remains one of Reddit's most well loved and highly reviewed Delta 8 brands on the market.

They only utilize organically grown hemp to create their cannabinoid-based products. And they always focus on clean extraction and conversion methods when obtaining higher volumes of minor cannabinoids like Delta 8 THC.

When you visit their website, you’ll notice that you can review all of their third party test results for each product they carry.

If you have any questions, 3Chi provides a phone number, email address, and contact form for any questions or concerns. However, it’s best to reach out to them via phone or email; their contact form doesn’t always seem to work properly.

3Chi Delta 8 Gummies

3Chi offers some of the best THC gummies in the industry. They come in various delicious flavors, including their award-winning black raspberry galvor.

Each gummy contains 25MG of organic hemp-derived Delta 8 THC, and is considered to be among the most potent, fast acting, and long lasting D8 gummies online.

They’re 100% gluten free, vegan, and cruelty free (no animal gelatin). And they contain less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC, making them compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill.

With nearly 1,000 positive reviews, you can expect a calming body sensation that leaves you feeling motivated and invigorated.

Reddit users love 3Chi’s Delta 8 gummies and so do we! But beware, Delta 8 Reddit users have reported counterfeit 3Chi gummies and other D8 products. So be sure that you only buy Delta 8 gummies and other products from 3Chi’s official site to ensure they are authentic and good to consume.


  • Best Delta 8 gummies
  • Organically sourced hemp
  • Farm Bill Compliant
  • Third party tested with lab results


  • No refunds
  • Customer contact form is hit or miss – It’s best to call or email them if you have questions or concerns
  • Does not ship to certain states

Delta 8 Reddit users also recommend Harbor City Hemp for consumers looking for the best Delta 8 vape carts.

This is because Harbor City Hemp focuses on three key points: Quality, Accessibility, and Affordability.

In fact, all of Harbor City Hemp’s products are manufactured in a FDACS (Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services) licensed facility that’s cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) compliant. Which means consumers never have to worry about the quality of their products because they are regularly inspected.

Harbor City Hemp is also big on third party testing, ensuring that their Delta 8 products are accurately labeled and free from pesticides, mycotoxins, microbes, residual solvents, heavy metals, etc. And to prove this, they give all of their customers access to their third party test results, or Certificates of Analysis (COAs).

Because of their due diligence and their highly praised profile on the Delta 8 Reddit forum, Harbor City Hemp is now featured on the highly acclaimed Great CBD Shop – one of the largest and most reputable cannabinoid-based stores online.

Harbor City Hemp Vape Carts

Harbor City Hemp offers amazing Delta 8 THC vape carts. They contain 7% of naturally derived botanical terpenes (BDTs) and a pure Delta 8 distillate.

They come in an authentic glass CCELL cartridge equipped with a ceramic mouthpiece, allowing users to experience a smooth inhale without any harsh effects.

Reddit fans praise Harbor City Hemp for their authentic Delta 8 vape carts, and they say they offer a full body high that leaves you feeling uplifted or chilled out, depending on the strain you vape.

Their Delta 8 vape carts come in over 35 different trains, which means they have something for everyone.


  • Best Delta vape carts
  • FDACS Licensed
  • cGMP Certified
  • High quality hemp
  • 37 strains to choose from
  • Featured on the highly reputable Great CBD Shop
  • Farm Bill Compliant
  • Third party tested with lab results


  • No refunds
  • Does not ship to certain states

It's no coincidence that 3Chi keeps popping up – and there's a solid reason for that. According to Reddit users, no other brand quite matches up to 3Chi when it comes to top-notch Delta 8 THC disposables. Allow us to explain why...

3Chi Disposable Vapes

3Chi's Delta 8 THC disposable vape pens deliver an exceptional vaping experience that seamlessly blends convenience and effectiveness. In each disposable pen, you'll find pure, all-natural delta 8 THC oil alongside your chosen natural terpenes. The beauty? The Delta 8 oil is thoughtfully crafted without harsh chemicals or artificial flavors, guaranteeing a smooth and delectable vaping journey.

Not stopping there, 3Chi's disposable vape pens come packed with a rechargeable battery – giving you the freedom to enjoy your vape for as long as you please. Plus, the disposability factor takes the stress out of cleaning or refilling.

Now, let's talk flavors. Brace yourself for 3Chi's enticing array of Delta 8 THC disposable vape pens, featuring mouthwatering options like Blue Dream (CDT), Pineapple Express, Skywalker Platinum Delta 8, and many more. Each one promises a distinct twist that's been enthusiastically endorsed by the 3Chi community.

But don't just take our word for it. Reddit users are singing the praises of these disposable vapes, testifying to their effectiveness and allure. So, if you are looking for a potent, effective, and discreet way to enjoy Delta 8 THC, then 3Chi's Delta 8 THC disposable vape pens are the perfect choice for you. Try them today and see for yourself why they are so popular among Reddit users.

Vivimu Background

Let's delve into the world of Vivimu, a name that has won the hearts of Reddit users. With the rising popularity of cannabinoids, the spotlight is on their benefits. But here's the catch: where you get your hemp products matters—a lot.

At the heart of Vivimu's philosophy lies simplicity: offering meticulously crafted products, precisely dosed and fairly priced, all delivered with remarkable speed.

You see, Vivimu's mission is all about trust. They don't just talk the talk. Every single thing they create goes through some serious testing. And guess what? You can peek at those test results before you even hit that buy button. It's all about making sure your hard-earned money gets you the best of the best—hemp extracts that are pure and potent like no other.

Now, while you’re exploring Vivimu's product lineup, you'll notice the presence of other esteemed brands. This isn't by chance. Their collaboration with other trusted brands stems from the shared goal of offering cost-effective, top-tier options that cater to a diverse audience. If Vivimu doesn't have it, they'll find who does and make it available on their website.

So, if you're ready to step into the world of Vivimu, consider this your official invitation.

Vivimu Dabs

We get it, mentioning Vivimu again might feel like déjà vu, but trust us, there's a solid reason behind it. Vivimu has consistently secured the top spot as the best delta 8 THC dabs on Reddit, and here's why it's rightfully earned that reputation.

Vivimu’s Delta 8 Live Resin is made from fresh, live cannabis plants, which gives it a unique and exceptional flavor and potency. The live resin is also extracted and refined using meticulous processes to ensure its purity and compliance with rigorous standards.

In addition to its superior quality, Vivimu’s Delta 8 Live Resin is also versatile. You can dab it, vaporize it, or add it to your favorite method of consumption. No matter how you choose to enjoy it, you’re sure to be impressed with the potent and flavorful experience it provides.

Vivimu’s Delta 8 Live Resin is also backed by thousands of happy customer reviews. Reddit users rave about the product’s potency, flavor, and overall quality.

Choose your preferred size from options like 1, 7, and 28-gram quantities, each batch undergoing stringent laboratory testing for quality, purity, and label integrity. Here, you won't find GMOs, fillers, or pollutants – only unadulterated satisfaction.

If you're in pursuit of the finest delta 8 THC dabs available, look no further than Vivimu. It’s the clear and unquestionable choice for a premium experience that elevates your Delta 8 journey.


  • Best Delta 8 Dabs
  • Cultivated from pure, untainted hemp
  • GMO-free formulation
  • Lightning-fast shipping
  • Affordable pricing
  • Fully compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill's federal legality
  • Thoroughly subjected to third-party lab tests
  • Transparent Certificate of Analysis accessible on the website


  • Limited returns for specific items, such as perishable goods (e.g., food, flowers, plants)

Botany Farms Background

Get ready to dive into the world of Botany Farms – where premium cannabis flower takes center stage like never before. Their dedication to excellence is a force to be reckoned with, as they scour the nation's micro-farms for nothing but the best. These aren't your run-of-the-mill blooms – they're meticulously cultivated, cared for, and tailored to meet the highest standards.

Quality is the name of the game at Botany Farms. Their meticulous approach ensures their flowers are pure, steering clear of any unwanted pesticides, fungicides, or heavy metals. And let's not forget the artistry of hand-trimming – it's a labor of love that produces buds bursting with flavor and boasting an irresistibly smooth texture.

Here's the real kicker – Reddit's cannabis connoisseurs have crowned Botany Farms as their ultimate favorite. Time and time again, this brand claims its spot among the best in the game. Why? Because their commitment to quality is unmatched, their eye for detail is unwavering, and they're all about ensuring their customers have a fantastic experience.

So, if your quest is for the ultimate cannabis flower experience, Botany Farms is your North Star. Their flowers are poised to sweep even the most discerning palates off their feet.

Botany Farms Delta 8 Flower

There is no other brand on the market that can match the caliber of Botany Farms when it comes to Delta 8 flower. Their groundbreaking cold-press process, using frozen Delta-8 THC distillate, sets them in a league of their own.

They take frozen Delta-8 THC distillate, turn it solid, crush it into a fine powder, and expertly infuse it into their premium flower. This meticulous process ensures an even distribution of the THC extract. The result is an extraordinary vaping experience – each draw is remarkably smooth, brimming with flavor, and devoid of the typical harshness found elsewhere.

Feast your eyes on Botany Farms' range of Delta 8 flower strains:

  • Delta 8 Blueberry Kush: Indulge in the sweet charm of blueberry paired with the soothing embrace of Kush.
  • Delta 8 Godfather OG: Unwind with the potent and comforting effects of Godfather OG.
  • Delta 8 Sugar Queen: Delight in the harmonious balance of taste and well-being with Sugar Queen.
  • Delta 8 Strawberry Banana Kush: Experience the delightful fusion of strawberry, banana, and iconic Kush.
  • Delta 8 Lemon Diesel CBG: Embrace the zesty allure of Lemon Diesel CBG's citrusy essence and beneficial CBG effects.

Here's the icing on the cake: Reddit users consistently rate Botany Farms' Delta 8 flower as the best in the market. Their love isn't arbitrary – it's rooted in the superior quality, smooth smoke, and potent effects that Botany Farms delivers.

If you are looking for the best delta-8 flower on the market, then Botany Farms is the brand for you. Their flower is sure to exceed your expectations and provide you with a truly unforgettable experience.


  • Best Delta 8 Flower
  • USA-grown organic, micro-farmed hemp
  • Earn rewards for referring loved ones
  • Free UPS Shipping on orders above $99
  • Fully compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill's federal legality
  • Thoroughly subjected to third-party lab tests
  • Transparent Certificate of Analysis accessible on the website


  • All sales are final; no returns or refunds
  • Explore Botany Farms

3Chi Edibles

Last but not least, we’re circling back to 3Chi. Now, we don’t often make it a habit to repeat a Delta 8 brand twice, but we’re making an exception this time.

You see, while 3Chi offers the best Delta 8 gummies on the market, it’s only natural that they would also create the best Delta 8 edibles as well. And we’re not just making this stuff up. Reddit users praise 3Chi for their amazingly delicious Delta 8 edibles

For example, Reddit users often highlight 3Chi’s Delta 8 cookies as the best THC cookie on the market. They’re freshly baked in 3Chi’s bakery and made with the finest ingredients, infused with hemp-derived Delta 8 THC, and then topped off with mouth-watering chocolate chips.

Once the D8 cookie has cooled, they vacuum seal it in a plastic wrap. Only one cookie comes in a pack, but don’t be fooled. That one cookie contains 50mg of Delta 8 THC. So, it’s packed with a punch.

In fact, 3Chi strongly recommends that users only consume ¼ of the cookie to ensure that they experience the Delta 8 high everyone is raving about. Too much of anything can cause unwanted effects. So use caution.

3Chi also makes homemade Delta 8 brownie edibles, which Reddit users also love. Seriously! These Delta 8 brownies are baked to perfection and have absolutely no bitter herb taste. And just like their cookies, 3Chi also infuses 50mg of Delta 8 THC in one brownie. So, again, you’ll need to only eat ¼ of a brownie bar to experience the soothing effects of Delta 8 THC.

If cookies and brownies aren’t your thing, then check out what other Reddit users recommend from 3Chi… their Delta 8-infused drinks. That’s right, 3Chi is one the first hemp brands to create Delta 8 beverages.

They come in a variety of flavors and types.  For example, 3Chi offers Delta 8 seltzers which contain 20mg of fast-acting Delta 8 THC.

6 cans come in one box, but one can is all you need to achieve that awesome Delta 8 high. They come in 4 delicious and refreshing flavors:

  • Black raspberry
  • Cherry lime
  • Pineapple
  • Grapefruit

3Chi also carries Delta 8 shots which contain 25mg of pure Delta 8 THC per shot. With another 25mg reserved for other hemp-derived content. They come in a tasty mango citrus flavor and can often be irresistible, so take it easy.

3Chi’s Comfortably Numb product line is a fan favorite for many Reddit users, which is why 3Chi decided to expand their line into Comfortably Numb shots. These little guys are packed with 300mg of total hemp-derived content, with 25mg reserved for Delta 8 THC and another 25mg reserved for CBN. Again, these shots are fast-acting, so stick to one shot at a time.

Reddit forums often suggest that if you prefer powder to mix into your own drink, then check out 3Chi’s Delta 8 flavored drink enhancers and flavorless drink additives. Both are incredibly effective drink powders and offer an amazing high.

Remember to always follow the dosing instructions written on the label. Start slow, especially if you’re new to Delta 8 THC.

Consider These Two Things Before Buying Delta 8 THC

Buying Delta 8 THC can be very overwhelming, especially if you don’t know what to look for in a Delta 8 brand.

While there are tons of Delta 8 buying guides floating around the internet, we can’t help but notice that those guides often make it feel like it’s impossible to really know how to buy Delta 8 THC the right way.

The truth is, buying high quality Delta 8 THC isn’t hard to do, if you only look for these two specific factors…

1. Third Party Testing and Delta 8 Products According to Reddit

We don’t have to tell you that it’s incredibly crucial to know where a Delta 8 brand sources their hemp. But even if their hemp is organic, they could be using a ton of residual solvents and other contaminants during the extraction process.

You see, third party testing is the only way to ensure that the final product is authentic and effective to consume.

What’s more, accredited third party testing isn’t cheap. Which means, Delta 8 brands and manufacturers know that if their Delta 8 products fail a third party test, they’ll have to turn around and get those products tested again. Which means more money.

So to prevent added costs, reputable Delta 8 brands will start with pristine, often organically cultivated hemp.

And that’s not all…

Third party testing also ensures that the Delta 8 brand actually cares about the efficacy and quality of their products.

But it’s not enough for a Delta 8 brand to say they have their products third party tested; you need to see proof. Which is why reputable Delta 8 brands will always provide up-to-date test results.

Most of the time, you’ll be able to view those test results on the brand’s website, but some brands require you to directly reach out to them for their test results.

This might seem a bit alarming, but from our personal research, we’ve seen some shady Delta 8 brands falsify their lab results by copying and pasting COAs from other reputable Delta 8 brands and then posting it on their site.

For these reasons, many reputable Delta 8 brands have been providing their COAs to their customers directly through email and in the shipment boxes.

Bottom line: third party testing along with proof of up-to-date COAs are the first things you want to look for when it comes to buying high quality Delta 8 THC.

2. Read Customer Reviews Before Buying Delta 8 Gummies and other D8 products

The last important thing you want to look for when buying Delta 8 THC is customer reviews.

Customer reviews can answer all your questions and then some. They reveal what a lot of hemp brands keep hidden in the dark, especially when it comes to independent forums like the Delta 8 Reddit group.

In fact, the Delta 8 Reddit forum was even referenced in a PubMed study. Pretty cool, right?

By reading what real-life customers have to say about certain Delta 8 brands and their products, you’ll see how authentic and truly transparent each brand really is.

All of the Delta 8 brands listed above have been highly praised on the Delta 8 Reddit forums, but no brand is perfect.

3Chi has been called out for their customer contact forum being either backed up or unprioritized. Which is why we recommend you reach out to them by phone or email.

3Chi has also been called out for their automated response on Delta 8 Reddit threads, which can seem alarming. But again, reaching out to them directly may help clear the air about any questions or concerns you may have.

That said, 3Chi still remains the leading Delta 8 brand in the industry with the highest quality products.

Delta Extrax has also been called out for their customer service issues. But there again, it’s best to reach out to them by phone to get a real live response to your questions.

Nevertheless, both Delta Extrax and 3Chi have some of the best reviews and most positive testimonials than any other Delta 8 brand on the market.

Which means, customer reviews and the Delta 8 Reddit threads can help answer some of those hard questions you’ve been asking, and they can even shed some light on what to expect when you consume certain Delta 8 THC products.

They can even help answer questions, like how Delta 8 is extracted and which methods are best.

By focusing on these two factors, we guarantee that you will find the best Delta 8 brand that meets your specific needs.

Delta-8 THC & Reddit FAQs

If you’re still hesitant about buying Delta 8 THC or trying out the Delta 8 brands listed above, that’s ok.

We decided to answer a few of the most common questions below about what the Delta 8 Reddit forum has been saying regarding the current Delta 8 market.

Let’s take a look…

How long does delta-8 stay in your urine according to Reddit?

Delta 8 can remain in your system for up to five days, but that’s not the case for everyone. It really depends on how often you consume Delta 8 THC and how your biological system metabolizes and excretes Delta 8 THC from your body. That said, because most drug tests can’t tell the difference between Delta 8 and Delta 9 some Reddit users suggest that they both can remain in the system for 2-4 weeks or longer.

Some Reddit users even think Delta 8 may actually stay in your system longer than Delta 9. Research is needed to confirm this theory, but if you’re going to be drug tested then it’s best to avoid THC altogether, or at least speak to your supervisor about your options regarding THC consumption.

What’s the best THC-O according to Reddit?

Reddit users report that Vivimu has the best THCO distillate and THC-O gummies. Whereas, 3Chi has the best THCO disposable and vape carts.

What’s the difference between THC-O vs Delta 8 according to Reddit?

Most Reddit users believe that THC-O is less euphoric when compared to Delta 8. But it greatly depends on the user and the brand. The effects of THC-O vary from person to person. According to experts, THCO can be 2-5 times stronger than Delta 8 THC, but Reddit users have experienced mixed results.

For the most part, Delta 8 Reddit users collectively say that THCO is a bit stronger than D8, but it isn’t necessarily more invigorating. Nevertheless, it’s important to start slow and with a low dose when consuming THCO.

What’s the difference between Delta 10 vs Delta 8 according to Reddit?

According to Reddit, Delta 8 is stronger than Delta 10. However, Reddit users considered Delta 8 to be more of a calming indica high when compared to Delta 10, which offers a more energizing sativa high.

What’s the difference between HHC vs Delta 8 according to Reddit?

Most Reddit users say that HHC offers a similar high to that of Delta 9, which is stronger than Delta 8 THC. However, HHC’s effects last a bit shorter when compared to Delta 8. HHC is also considered a more psychedelic cannabinoid, but not every Reddit user feels this way. For the most part, Delta 8 THC is still the cannabinoid of choice even when compared to HHC and other THC variants.

What's the best Delta 8 distillate according to Reddit?

3Chi or Vivimu are both praised for having the best Delta 8 distillate according to Reddit users.

What are the Delta 8 side effects on the next day according to Reddit?

Most users do not have any side effects the next day if they take a normal amount of Delta 8 THC. However, if you consume too much Delta 8, some Reddit users report ‘hangover’ type side effects that include a headache and brain fog. Always start slow to ensure you don’t over consume D8.

What’s the best place to buy Delta 8 online according to Reddit?

3Chi is hands down the most mentioned reputable Delta 8 brand on Reddit.

How do Reddit users feel about Urb Delta 8?

Most Reddit users are huge fans of Urb. And because Urb is the flagship brand of Lifted Made, they are quickly gaining a lot of popularity.

How do Reddit users feel about Koi Delta 8?

While Koi originally started as a CBD company, they just recently added a Delta 8 line. They’re slowly gaining popularity in the Delta 8 market, and are considered a reputable Delta 8 source.

What’s the best Delta 8 for sleep according to Reddit?

Reddit users have praised 3Chi’s Comfortably Numb Delta 8 line. It’s the perfect combination of Delta 8 THC and CBN. It’s known to relax the body, ease the mind, and offer much needed rest.

What is Delta 8 according to Reddit?

According to Reddit users, Delta 8 THC is a naturally occurring cannabinoid. But it’s also a very rare cannabinoid and it only exists in the cannabis plant at extremely low ratios. That said, the Delta 8 Reddit forum often suggests that most of the Delta 8 we see available on the market today is isomerized from CBD. This process is known for adding acid and heat to CBD isolate and creating Delta 8. Some hemp brands are transparent about how their Delta 8 is created, while other brands are not. Reddit users are very adamant about only buying Delta 8 from reputable brands who are transparent about the creation of their cannabinoid-based products, especially Delta 8 THC.

How long do THC gummies stay in your system according to Reddit?

Many Reddit users report that THC gummies and edibles can stay in your system for up to 2 weeks. Other Reddit forums suggest it could stay in your system for a month. It’s all based on your metabolism, age, weight, and how much THC you consume.

How long does THC stay in saliva glands according to Reddit?

One Reddit forum mentioned that THC can remain in your saliva glands for about 24-48 hours – that’s if you smoke it. But that also depends on how much you smoke. Other Reedit forums suggest that THC from weed can stay in your cheek cells for 2-3 days.

According to Reddit, are there Delta 8 brands to avoid?

Absolutely! You can find a ton of brands on Reddit forums that users recommend staying away from. However, keep in mind that while Reddit forums are very helpful in exploring more about a specific hemp brand, some users do post inaccurate information. Be sure to use Reddit as a source of research, but continue your own Delta 8 research on other platforms as well. And remember to never buy Delta 8 or any hemp-derived THC from head shops or gas stations. Always buy online from reputable hemp brands.

What are the most potent Delta 8 carts according to Reddit?

3Chi Delta 8 carts take the crown for the most potent according to Reddit users. Renowned for their exceptional strength and quality, these carts offer an unmatched Delta 8 experience that users rave about.

What is the best Delta 8 brand according to Reddit?

When it comes to the best Delta 8 brand according to Reddit, the overall winner is 3Chi. As industry pioneers, they're renowned for their exceptional quality and offer a wide range of safe and highly-effective Delta 8 products.


Whether you're looking for Delta 8 or CBD Reddit is an excellent place to find real user feedback.

You’ll find that the Delta 8 brands listed above are all highly praised and are mentioned on several of the Reddit threads. Give them another look… We’re sure you’re bound to find something to meet your Delta 8 needs.

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Will delta 8 THC work for chronic back pain? I’ve used weed gummies and they had reduced my pain before