Best Delta 8 Flower & Strains

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Author: Joy Hughes

Did you know that Delta 8 flower is way more therapeutic than all those other Delta 8 products on the market?

Do you want to know why?

Because Delta 8 flower is essentially CBD flower. Ok, ok, we’re getting way ahead of ourselves.

Look, we know that the main reason you click on this article is to find the strongest and best Delta 8 strains in the industry.

And we’re about to reveal that list to you momentarily. But before we do, we just wanted to mention a couple of things…

Cannabis with multicolored vibrant leaves. Marijuana colorful plant on black background. Exotic tropical purple marijuana with vibrant leaves. Beautiful flowering cannabis plant in mixed color light

First, we spent a lot of time researching and vetting dozens of Delta 8 flower strains and brands. We looked at everything: Cannabinoid content, terpenes profiles, testing credentials, cultivation practices, and more.

Secondly, we took it upon ourselves to really dive into what Delta 8 strains are and the effects they provide the human body. What we discovered is nothing short of amazing.

But we understand that you’re likely on a time crunch, and you need your Delta 8 flower strains now! We don’t blame you.

Heck, we may or may not have already indulged in a few hits of our favorite Delta 8 strains while writing this amazingly detailed article. Hey, don’t judge us. It’s part of our research…

So, as promised, we have constructed a list of the most effective and best Delta 8 flower strains below.

We love each Delta 8 strain mentioned and the Delta 8 brand they come from, and we have a hunch that you will too.

Give our list a quick read, and then dive into how the mystery of Delta 8 flower actually being CBD flower. Seriously, it will blow your mind…

Based out of Medford, Oregon, Plain Jane is anything but plain. They specialize in hemp flower products like pre-rolled joints, blunts, and hemp cigarettes. In fact, Plain Jane is the original creator of the low-smelling CBD cigarettes that so many people know and love today.

But what makes Plain Jane particularly unique is that they only use high quality hemp cultivated from small family owned farms in America, and they’re licensed by the Oregon Department of Agriculture. Which allows them to create cannabinoid-based products with the utmost credibility.

Their hemp strains are grown from outdoor, indoor, and greenhouse methods, giving their hemp flower truly unique terpene profiles that no other hemp brand can offer.

Not only does Plain Jane have a keen attention to detail, but they prioritize third party testing to ensure all of their products are correctly labeled regarding potency, cannabinoid content, and other added ingredients.

With over 75,000 customers spread throughout the United States, Plain Jane is by far one of the most popular and trusted hemp brands on the market, creating amazingly effective hemp-derived cannabinoid flower products.

Plain Jane Hawaiian Haze

Quick question: Are you feeling at all unmotivated or in need of some energy? Well then say hello to Plain Jane’s Hawaiian Haze Delta 8 flower.

This particular Delta 8 strain is sativa-dominant and it offers a pretty potent energizing cerebral buzz. It’s packed with juicy tropical smells and even flavors that encompasses the feels of relaxing on a Hawaiian beach under coconut and mango palm trees.

Positive reviews report feeling fully relaxed yet energized to take on a day of adventure. And with a profile of highly therapeutic cannabinoids, like THCA, Delta 8 THC, CBDA, CBD, CBG, CBN, and CBCA, you’re sure to feel an uplifting, euphoric relief.


  • Best Delta 8 sativa strain
  • Small America family-owned hemp farms
  • Oregon Department of Agriculture licensed
  • Free shipping on orders over $40
  • Comes in various gram sizes (from 1 gram to 1 pound)
  • Natural tropical fragrance and flavors
  • Relaxing and energizing effects
  • Diverse profile of therapeutic cannabinoids and unique terpenes
  • Third party tested with proof of COAs


  • Discounted products are non-refundable
  • Orders under First Class Mail is not insured

Ah, Botany Farms, the hemp flower brand that truly stands out among a sea of subpar hemp flower companies.

The mission of Botany Farms is simple: they grow cannabis flower with reverence of its complex and healing capabilities. Which is why they commit their valuable time and attention to only cultivate and produce the highest quality hemp flower we’ve ever seen. This stuff is free from pesticides, fungicides, heavy metals, and other harmful contaminants.

They care for the cannabis flower with extreme respect, ensuring that it gets clean fresh water, adequate sunshine, and lovingly good farming practices.

All of their hemp flower is created in small organic batches and is literally trimmed by hand. Talk about attention to detail!

By working independently with farmers, Botany Farms is able to create a variety of hemp strains that offer their own unique experiences.

What’s more, Botany Farms is very adamant about third party testing, which adds icing on the cake since they’re already sticklers for good farming practices and no harmful contaminants to begin with.

If you want a truly effective and clean hemp flower, Botany Farms is your answer!

Botany Farms Zombie Kush

Unlike other Delta 8 flower brands, Botany Farms takes a very different approach to creating their Delta 8 flower.

Instead of spraying their hemp flower with Delta 8 THC distillate, they actually freeze their cold-pressed Delta 8 distillate, so they can create a fine powder out of it.

They then carefully infuse the fine powder into their hemp flower, creating an evenly portioned and highly effective Delta 8 infused flower.

That said, Botany Farms’ Zombie Kush Delta 8 strain is unlike any other Delta 8 strain you’ve ever tried. It’s an indica-dominant strain which offers therapeutic relaxing and calming effects to encourage your body to unwind even after an incredibly stressful day.

Zombie Kush contains a rather high amount of CBDa and CBD, which can aid your immune system. It also has a 4.4% of Delta 8 THC, which offers a tremendous amount of therapeutic and euphoric relief.

With notes of earth, pine, and berry, this Zombie Kush Delta 8 strain is easy to smoke and incredibly pleasant to be around.


  • Best Delta 8 indica strain
  • All natural ingredients
  • Organically grown hemp
  • Free shipping on orders over $75
  • Ships products nationwide
  • Very relaxing and calming indica effects
  • Contains other therapeutic cannabinoids
  • Smooth and mess-free smoke experience
  • Third party tested with proof of COAs


  • No refunds

Plain Jane White CBG

Surprise surprise, it’s Plain Jane again!

We don’t need to tell you how awesome this hemp flower brand is, but if you need reminding, then scroll back up to #2 on our list, and you can get a quick recap of how legitimate Plain Jane is.

For this particular brand highlight, we want to focus on Plain Jane’s very innovative Delta 8:CBD hemp strain.

It’s a very unique and unheard of combo.

As you may have guessed it contains both Delta 8 THC and CBG, but it also has some CBD as well.

Now, if you know anything about phytocannabinoids, other than that they’re highly therapeutic and derived from the cannabis plant, CBG is considered the mother of all cannabinoids. Which means, both CBD and THC actually start out as CBG. Crazy, right?

Amazingly, cultivators have been able to isolate CBG, which on its own, offers extraordinary medicinal value. And Plain Jane, with their innovative techniques and growing methods, have created one of the most invigorating Delta 8 strain combos on the market.

They call it Delta 8 CBD hemp flower, and it contains 10% of CBD, 8% of Delta 8 THC, and various amounts of CBG. It also contains very beneficial terpenes and other cannabinoids.

Many users report feeling a very blissful high that stimulates the mind with both creative and clarifying thoughts.

The inhale offers both sweet and earthy aromas and tastes. You won’t find a Delta 8 strain as unique as this one, so we encourage you to get it a try even if it’s just once.

Botany Farms Pineapple Haze

Last but not least, we have Botany Farms… again!

After our deep and incredibly detailed investigation of Botany Farms, we had to mention them twice on this list.

Again, if you need a reminder of Botany Farms amazing brand info, scroll back up to #3 and read all about it. They’re pretty amazing, if we do say so ourselves.

Now, one of things we really love about Botany Farms, is that they don’t actually spray their hemp flower with Delta 8 THC, but rather take their proprietary cold-press Delta 8 THC distillate and freeze it so that they can turn it into a fine powder. From there, they evenly coat their hemp flower with specific Delta 8 strains.

This particular Delta 8 strain is called Pineapple Haze, and it’s a 1 gram pre-roll.

Unlike their Zombie Kush, which is an indica-dominant Delta 8 strain and it makes you feel relaxed like a zombie, Botany Farms’ Pineapple Haze is a sativa-dominant Delta 8 strain.

It offers a relaxing yet energizing effect. It’s great for day or night use, and many users report it being incredibly easy on the lungs.

It gives you an uplifting euphoria that steers clear from all paranoia, as long as you don’t over do it. And that can be hard to do given that it contains 4% of Delta 8 THC and 12% of CBD.

If you’re new to smoking Delta 8 strains, then you’ll greatly enjoy Botany Farms Pineapple Haze. Just remember to take it slow and only do one puff at a time.

Delta 8 Flower: What is it?

Contrary to popular belief, Delta 8 flower is actually dried and cured CBD hemp flower, which is then infused with Delta 8 distillate.

It sounds confusing, but it really isn’t.

You see, Cannabis, which includes both marijuana and hemp, offers an array of cannabinoids. And amazingly, cultivators have been able to breed cannabis to be higher in certain cannabinoids. That’s why you’ll see various hemp strains like CBD flower, CBG flower, THC flower, and now Delta 8 flower.

Many hemp brands have their own unique methods in creating their Delta 8 flower, with most of them just spraying their proprietary Delta 8 THC distillate onto CBD flower.

But other hemp brands, like Botany Farms, Plain Jane, and Diesel Hemp, spend a little more time infusing their CBD flower with their potent Delta 8 distillate.

Both methods can produce amazing results, but it’s been reported that by infusing Delta 8 distillate evenly onto CBD flower, you don’t end up experiencing harsh inhalation.

That said, not every Delta 8 flower brand prioritizes proper infusing methods. In fact, some skip that step altogether and then lie that they infused their hemp flower with Delta 8 THC.

This is why you have to be extra cautious and do your research. Believe us, it’s a lot of work, but it’s so worth it.

If you don’t have the time to research each and every Delta 8 flower brand on your own time, then just head back up to our list of the best Delta 8 flower strains above. Each of those brands have been well researched, vetted, and tested by yours truly.

Delta 8 Strains and Effects

As you already know, Delta 8 flower is just CBD hemp flower mixed with Delta 8 distillate. But what you may not know is that the Delta 8 strain is actually based on the CBD hemp flower that it’s mixed with.

We know, it sounds confusing, but hear us out…

Let’s say you have some CBD flower that’s sativa. By adding Delta 8 distillate to it, you suddenly have a Delta 8 sativa strain.

Likewise, if the CBD flower is indica, and it’s infused with Delta 8 THC, then that Delta 8 strain will be indica as well. This is because the Delta 8 distillate actually never changes. It’s just pure Delta 8 THC being added to the CBD flower.

So in reality, it’s the CBD flower that’s actually providing you with different strains, not the Delta 8 THC. Make sense?

Now, let’s look at the different types of strains….

Cannabis connoisseurs know that there are various strains hidden within this magical plant. And they’re often broken down into three distinct groups: Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid.

Let’s discuss each one, shall we?

Indica Delta 8 Strains

Sativa Delta 8 strains are known for energizing effects. They promote focus, mental creativity, and vitality.

They’re often taken during the day, and perfect for adventuring with friends. A lot of people use sativa strains as a pick-me-up for those afternoon slumps, and some even pair it with a cup of coffee in the morning.

If you’re looking for a Delta 8 strain to complement your active lifestyle, then sativa Delta 8 strains are gonna be what keeps you going without slowing you down.

Sativa Delta 8 Strains

Indica Delta 8 strains are known for their amazing relaxing effects. They promote reflection and a chance for your body to truly unwind.

They’re usually taken in the evening, just before bedtime. They help ease a racing mind and calm your nerves after a long strenuous day.

A lot of people use indica strains to help them sleep and slow down their over productive brain. They’re great for taking a load off and just relaxing on the couch or snuggling up to a cozy, warm fire.

If you’re looking for a Delta 8 strain that helps you feel both mentally and physically relaxed even after an incredibly stressful work day, the indica Delta 8 strains are what you’ll need to achieve a truly restful and relaxing experience.

Hybrid Delta 8 Strains

Hybrid Delta 8 strains are known for their balancing effects. In other words, a hybrid strain falls right smack in the middle of both sativa and indica.

They offer sativa-like uplifting effects, as well as relaxing indica-like properties. They give you that perfect balance of feeling truly at ease while also stimulating your mental clarity, which means you can smoke a hybrid strain both day or night.

If you’re looking to feel invigorated, balanced, and motivated, then you’ll love hybrid Delta 8 strains.

Now, let’s take a look at…

The Effects of Delta 8 Flower vs. Other Delta 8 Products

Traditional Delta 8 products are often only comprised of Delta 8 THC distillate. We’re talking about Delta 8 gummies, edibles, and sometimes vape carts and tinctures.

Now, sometimes brands will infuse other cannabinoids and terpenes to create a more full-spectrum product.

But Delta 8 flower already has naturally occurring phytonutrients from the hemp plant. We’re talking about various cannabinoids like CBD, CBG, CBN, and CBC. We’re also talking about therapeutic terpenes and even flavonoids. Which means you’re getting a synergetic full spectrum of highly beneficial nutrients.

By having this natural full-spectrum approach, you not only receive the euphoric properties of Delta 8 THC, but you’re also getting tons of benefits from the other plant molecules present in the CBD hemp flower.

And that’s not all…

One other benefit of Delta 8 flower is that you can easily gauge how high you’ll actually get as opposed to other products like Delta 8 dabs.

You see, Delta 8 dabs are way more concentrated and super easy to over consume. But one hit of Delta 8 flower, and you can quickly see if you need to inhale more or just stop.

That said, we recommend you take your time and always start slow. After one hit, be sure to give your body plenty of time to respond before you take another hit.

Delta 8 Strain FAQs

If you still have a few questions regarding Delta 8 strains, we’ve got you covered.

Check out our Delta 8 strain FAQs below, and then head back up to our list of the best Delta 8 strains above.

What’s the best Delta 8 strain for anxiety?

Because Indica strains are known for their calming and relaxing effects, they have been reported to work really well for anxiety. Botany Farms Zombie Kush Delta 8 strain is a very powerful indica-dominant strain and is sure to help calm your nerves and ease your mind.

What’s the best Delta 8 ounce?

Due to Diesel Hemp’s total control over their entire supply chain and quality, they’re known for having the best Delta 8 flower on the market. Their Grape Abacus Delta 8 strain comes in 1 ounce and it’s truly mind blowing.

How to smoke Delta 8 flower?

Smoking Delta 8 flower is no different from smoking regular cannabis flower. You can simply roll your Delta 8 flower into a joint or blunt. Or you can pack it into a bowl and light it up.

Where’s the best place to buy Delta 8 bud in bulk?

No other hemp brand has the reputation like Diesel Hemp. So if you're looking for high quality Delta 8 bud in bulk, we recommend Diesel Hemps’ Grape Abacus. It’s the highest quality Delta 8 bulk you can get at a fair price.

How to make edibles with Delta 8 flower?

While it’s possible to make edibles out of Delta 8 flower, it’s not practical. Instead, it’s best to make Delta 8 edibles using a Delta 8 distillate syringe. It’s easier to dose, and requires very little prep.

How much is an ounce of Delta 8 flower?

An ounce of Delta 8 flower typically costs anywhere from $50 to $120, depending on the quality and the Delta 8 brand you buy it from.

Does Delta 8 flower smell?

Yes! Delta 8 flower smells very similar to cannabis.

Can you eat Delta 8 flower?

Yes, but we’d not recommend it. If you’re wanting to try Delta 8 edibles, we recommend eating Delta 8 gummies.

What's the best top rated Delta 8 flower?

There are many Delta 8 flower strains which have excellent ratings but if we had to pick one, we believe that Diesel Hemp's Grape Abacus is the best top rated Delta 8 flower on the market today.

Where to find purple hemp flower?

Diesel Hemp and Botany Farms are both great places to purchase purple hemp flower.


The great thing about Delta 8 flower is that it contains an array of other therapeutic cannabinoids like CBD. Which means you’re not only receiving the awesome euphoric benefits of Delta 8 THC, but you're flooding your body with other therapeutic cannabinoids as well.

That said, if you want to truly benefit from legit Delta 8 flower, then stick to buying Delta 8 strains from reputable hemp/THC brands like the ones listed above. Remember, the more transparent the Delta 8 flower brand is, the better and more effective the Delta 8 strain will be.

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