Best Delta 10 According to Reddit

Author: Joy Hughes

Okay, so you’ve been doing a lot of research about Delta 10 THC. And you’re finally ready to give it a try for yourself.

But in your search, you’ve hit a roadblock.

Sure, you know what Leafly has to say about Delta 10 THC. You’ve even glanced over a few governmental studies involving Delta 10. Heck, you’ve even explored what the FDA thinks about this cannabinoid.

But in all your research, you still have no idea which Delta 10 brand you should buy from, let alone which Delta 10 product you should consume.

A female cannabis plant just before harvest.

Now, you could easily Google the “Best Delta 10 THC brands”, but most of what you’ll find is a generic list of good and bad Delta 10 products.

How in the world do you actually know if real people have bought from these Delta 10 brands?

Well, lucky for you, we have the 411 on the best Delta 10 brands available on the market today. And they’ve all been tested, praised, and vetted on the Reddit forum groups.

That’s right, we’ve done a deep dive into what real-life Reddit users are saying about the many Delta 10 brands in the industry. And guess what? Only a handful are mentioned and praised by these Reddit users.

So, if you’re ready to give Delta 10 a try, but not sure which brand to go with, then check out our Reddit user-approved Delta 10 brand listed below.

Let’s begin…

From the minute they set up shop in 2021, Vivimu has been setting standards that all other hemp brands have been following.

Their mission: To raise awareness of the amazing benefits cannabinoids and cannabis-derived terpenes offer the human body.

Vivimu is doing more than just jumping on the latest cannabinoid trends. They’ve discovered that these phytonutrients are benefiting people's lives in more ways than one.

This is why Vivimu has focused all of their time, attention, and resources on three factors:

  • Creating only the highest quality products derived from pristine hemp
  • Offering all of their premium hemp-derived products at reasonable prices and rates
  • Shipping each product as quickly and safely as they can once a customer places an order

But what makes Vivimu truly stand out is that they’ve quickly become the one-stop-shop for all your cannabinoid-base needs.

According to Reddit users, Vivimu has taken it upon themselves to join forces with other well-established and reputable hemp brands to create their incredibly large hemp-derived inventory.

They’ve personally partnered with other trust-worthy hemp brands to fulfill their commitment to offering only the best, safest, and reasonably priced cannabinoid-based products their customers can buy.

Additionally, Vivimu is all about third-party testing and ensuring each product that they carry, or create, is labeled accurately and safe to consume.

Reddit users swear that you never have to worry or stress about the quality of Vivimu’s cannabinoid-based products.

Vivimu Delta 10 Gummies

Reddit users praise Vivimu for their many THC-dominant products, but since we’re focusing on Delta 10, we had to highlight their Delta 10 THC gummies.

As we mentioned above, Vivimu is all about joining forces with other trust-worthy hemp brands to create one-of-a-kind hemp-derived products. And let’s just say, they did that with these amazing Elyxr LA Delta 10 gummies.

Each bottle contains 20 D10 gummies. And with each gummy containing 25mg of Delta 10 THC, one whole bottle contains a whopping 500mg of Delta 10.

What we like the most about these Delta 10 gummies is that they come in various flavors. From mango, and cherry, to orange and blue razz, you’ll never have to worry about getting bored with just one flavor.

However, if you’re having a hard time choosing just one flavor, then we suggest you opt for their amazing party pack.

With one Delta 10 gummy you are sure to feel a soothing, yet energizing euphoric high. In fact, many Delta 10 Reddit users report that these Delta 10 gummies are perfect for daytime use.

However, if you’re needing a pick-me-up in the evening, these D10 gummies are sure to help.

Just be sure that you eat one Delta 10 gummy at a time. Do not overconsume these delicious Delta 10 gummies, no matter how tempting they might be.

Vivimu believes in taking things slow and at a low dose, especially when it comes to THC-dominant edibles.


  • Best Delta 10 Gummies on the market
  • Crafted from pristine hemp
  • Affordable
  • Fast shipping
  • Federally legal
  • Third-party tested
  • Up-to-date COAs


  • Perishable products are non-refundable

If you’ve spent any time searching for the best Delta 10 THC products, then you’ve likely already heard of 3Chi.

In fact, on the Delta 10 Reddit forum, you’ll quickly learn that 3Chi is the hemp brand that started the whole federally legal hemp-derived THC movement in the first place.

Without 3Chi, the cannabis market may not be what it is today. So, we’re eternally grateful for their trail-blazing innovativeness.

Reddit users also noted that 3Chi’s insane standards and attention to detail have quickly made them one of the most reputable cannabis brands in the industry.

And much like Vivimu, 3Chi also values third-party testing. They believe that their products need to be cleaned and cleared from any potential toxic contaminants. This is why they often start from the ground up.

You see, 3Chi only uses organically grown hemp to create each and every one of their cannabinoid-based products.

They also use safe extraction and conversion methods, as well as advanced formulation processes. Their precise ingenuity has captivated both CBD advocates and marijuana connoisseurs.

3Chi Delta 10 Vape Carts

Now, maybe you’re not a big fan of Delta 10 edibles, and that’s ok… Many Delta 10 Reddit users praise 3Chi for creating the best Delta 10 vape carts on the market.

Seriously! These vape carts not only contain Delta 10 THC but they also contain premium Delta 8. So, you’re getting double the amount of THC goodness. And that’s not all…

These Delta 10 vape carts come in a Poly Carbonate CCELL cartridge that features a ceramic coil and breath/button-activation.

With 95% Delta 10 and Delta 8 THC, the remaining 5% is reserved for the therapeutic cannabis-derived terpenes.

One puff is all you need from these Delta 10 vape carts. Reddit users report that they feel an unbeatable uplifting high that helps them stay focused and calm all at the same time. They love these Delta 10 vape carts, especially since they come in various strains: Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid.

You won’t find a better-designed or more potent Delta 10 vape cart on the market!


  • Best Delta 10 Vape Carts
  • Crafted from organically grown hemp
  • Free from VG, PG, PEG, Vitamin E, MCT, or other toxins
  • Federally legal
  • Third-party tested
  • Up-to-date COAs


  • Can not be shipped to certain states
  • No refunds

Featured in the well-established Forbes, Dope Magazine, and Vogue, Delta Extrax has been praised for its outstanding reputation and top-of-the-line THC-dominant products.

But where Delta Extrax receives the most praise, is on the Delta 10 Reddit forums.

You see, Delta Extract remains one of the most well-trusted and highly sought-after hemp brands in the entire industry.

They’re different in the sense that they have a laser focus on all things regarding hemp-derived THC. This makes them one of the few brands that really know what they’re doing when it comes to creating the best and most effective federally legal THC-dominant products on the market.

And yes, Delta Extrax is all about third-party testing, safe extractions, clean conversions, and high-quality formulations.

Delta Extrax Delta 10 Pre-rolls

Ok, so if you’re looking for something a little more pure and down to earth, literally. Then you’re gonna love Delta Extrax’s OG Kush Delta 10 flower pre-rolls.

This hybrid strain is hand-painted with hemp oil, dusted with a cannabis trichome called kief, and then packed with Delta Extrax’s premium Delta 10 THC.

Now, we have to warn you. These Delta 10 flower pre-rolls aren’t for the faint of heart.

Because of its unique breeding and innovative paint job/dusting, these Delta 10 pre-rolls are much more potent than your average Delta 10 pre-rolls.

Reddit users love these D10 pre-rolls, and we have a hunch that you will too.


  • Best Delta 10 Flower Pre-Rolls
  • Crafted from organically grown hemp
  • Third-party tested
  • Up-to-date COAs


  • Can not be shipped to certain states
  • No refunds

Yes, we know that we’re listing Vivimu twice. Typically, we don’t like doing that, but for this particular list, we had to.

Let us explain…

Vivimu Delta 10 Distillate

Due to Vivimu’s diverse inventory, it’s not uncommon for them to be praised for their many THC-dominant products.

And one of those THC-dominant products is their Delta 10 distillate. You see, it contains Delta 10, Delta 8, and even CBD.

Now, in case you’re unaware of what Delta 10 distillate is, you need to know that this product is perhaps one of the most potent ways to consume Delta 10 THC.

It has a very thick consistency and it can be used in various ways. From making your own Delta 10 gummies and tinctures, to creating your own Delta 10 vape carts and dabs, Vivimu’s Delta 10 distillate is incredibly versatile.

The best part about this particular Delta 10 distillate is that it comes in several sizes: 3.5 grams to 1,000 grams.

In fact, buying Delta 10 distillate in bulk is much cheaper and goes a long way. However, consuming Delta 10 distillate is no joke.

It takes a level of experience and tolerance. Reddit users report that it can knock your socks off if you’re not used to consuming potent forms of Delta 10 THC.

So, we suggest you take it slow and at a low dose.

To learn more about Vivimu’s company background and pros and cons, head back up to the top of our list.

Delta-10 THC & Reddit FAQs

It’s not uncommon to have more questions lingering in your head regarding Delta 10 THC and what Reddit users have to say about it.

Which is why want to help…

We've listed out some of the most common Delta 10 and Reddit questions below. We’ve decided to explore what real Reddit users have to say about Delta 10, and how this new cannabinoid is changing their lives.

Let’s dive in…

What’s the difference in delta 10 vs delta 8 according to Reddit?

The main difference between Delta 8 and Delta 10 THC is their chemical structure and their potency. According to Reddit users, Delta 8 is a more calming cannabinoid that helps with pain and other ailments. Delta 10, on the other, is a little more energizing. You also don’t need to consume as much Delta 8 as you do Delta 10. That said, Reddit users still advise that you use caution even if you’re looking to up your dose of either cannabinoid.

Is Delta 10 stronger than Delta 8 according to Reddit?

Despite the number 10 being more dominant than the number 8, in the cannabinoid world, Delta 8 is actually much more potent than Delta 10 THC. However, Reddit users report that Delta 10 is actually more energizing than Delta 8 THC. They say it keeps you focused longer and helps enhance your motivation. Whereas Delta 8 THC is a little more calming and relaxing.

How long does Delta 10 stay in your system according to Reddit?

According to some Reddit users, Delta 10 can remain in your system anywhere from a few days to months. It all depends on how often you consume Delta 10 THC.

What are the effects of Delta 10 according to Reddit?

Many Delta 10 Reddit users report feeling more energized, motivated, and mentally focused. They find that Delta 10 THC is more of a Sativa upper than an Indica downer. Reddit users also note that Delta 10 doesn’t offer the common anxiety and paranoia that’s often associated with traditional Delta 9 THC.

What’s the best place to buy Delta 10 online according to Reddit?

Reddit users praise 3Chi and Vivimu for their large Delta 10 inventory and high-quality standards. While 3Chi has been around longer, Vivimu is by far the most affordable and customer service driven.

What are the side effects of Delta 10 according to Reddit?

Reddit users are quick to report their experiences when it comes to Delta 10 THC. However, many of them also suggest that if you start slow and consume reasonable amounts of Delta 10, then it’s unlikely that you’d experience any side effects at all. That said, some Reddit users have reported headaches after consuming larger amounts of Delta 10 THC.

Does Delta 10 work according to Reddit?

There are a select few Reddit users who’ve commented that they never felt any effects from their Delta 10 product. However, it’s unclear where they bought their Delta 10 products from. As long as you buy your Delta 10 THC from reputable Delta 10 brands, you will experience psychoactive effects.

What is Delta 10 according to Reddit?

According to Reddit, Delta 10 is a psychoactive cannabinoid that’s found in the cannabis plant. However, because it only occurs in the cannabis plant in low ratios, hemp brands have to convert certain cannabinoids to create Delta 10 THC. Reddit users also say that Delta 10 THC is a great alternative to traditional weed.

Is Delta 10 good according to Reddit?

Honestly, it depends on the person. Delta 10 is more upbeat and energizing. While some Reddit users prefer those effects, other users enjoy the more relaxing and couch-like effects from Delta 8 and Delta 9.


Here’s the deal, the Reddit platform is a powerful tool that most people overlook. It’s a great forum packed with real-life consumers, like you, who only want to find the safest, most effective, and best Delta 10 brands online.

You can easily spend hours, days, weeks, and even months searching online for the best Delta 10 brands on your own. But if you’re not reading the reviews and what real people are saying about these Delta 10 brands, you’re doing yourself a huge disservice.

Save yourself the stress and energy and revisit our list of the best Delta 10 brands according to Reddit above. If you still don’t find what you’re looking for, then go directly to the Delta 10 Reddit forum. You’re bound to find something or someone who can point you in the right direction.

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