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The best deals on CBD oil, gummies, topicals and flower.

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    Product Details: CBD American Shaman has been in the CBD industry for awhile and therefore they've developed a wide variety of CBD products such as oil, face cream, dog treats and even CBG/CBN oil.

    Coupon Code: AMERICAN20

    Promotion Details: Enter code AMERICAN20 at checkout to receive 20% off all products.


    Product Details: CBDfx is one of the nation's largest CBD companies which is known for its CBD gummies, capsules, tinctures and prefilled vape pens.

    Coupon Code: BENEFITS15

    Promotion Details: Enter code 15CBDBENEFITS at checkout to receive 15% off all CBDfx products.

    Product Details: Extract Labs is a relatively new CBD retailer but they've been taking the industry by storm lately. They have one of the largest CBD assortments with products ranging from CBD extracts to CBD Kcups. With a 15% discount on all products, this is a must-buy deal for 2021. 

    Coupon Code: GET15

    Promotion Details: Enter code GET15 at checkout to receive 15% off all products.

    Product Details: Medterra is a perfect brand when you're looking for affordable CBD oil while still maintaining a high level of quality. Medterra's CBD gummies are also a big hit and a great deal. 

    Coupon Code: OFFER15

    Promotion Details: Get 15% off all Medterra products sitewide.

    Product Details: Mission Farms is known for its ability to develop quality topicals from all natural ingredients. We recommend checking out their CBD Infused Goat Milk Soap. 

    Coupon Code: 15PERCENT

    Promotion Details: Get 15% off all Mission Farms products with no exclusions and no limits.

    Product Details: Joy Organics has some unique products that you don't see from every CBD retailer. These unique products include CBD Bath Bombs and CBD Energy Mix. They even offer a Mommy Bundle which is an easy way to get a gift for Mom for any occasion. 

    Coupon Code: CBDBENEFITS

    Promotion Details: Enter code CBDBENEFITS at checkout to receive 20% off all products.

    Product Details: Endoca's product line consists of the usual CBD products such as CBD oil and cream. But they also have unique products such as their full spectrum CBD extract. The CBD extract is a must try but it is pricey.

    Coupon Code: BESTCBD10

    Promotion Details: Enter code BESTCBD10 at checkout to get 10% off all Endoca products.

    Product Details: Elixinol has a variety of CBD products which include CBD gummies, capsules, oils and topicals. 

    Coupon Code: SAVE10

    Promotion Details: Enter code SAVE10 at checkout to get 10% off all Elixinol products.

    Product Details: Martha Stewart recently launched her own brand of CBD products. Martha's initial launch included CBD oil, capsules and gummies. Check out our review of Martha Stewart Products. 

    Coupon Code: SAVE25

    Promotion Details: Enter code SAVE25 at checkout to receive 25% off all products sold on the Direct CBD Online site.


    Product Details: Nanocraft is perfect for people that are looking for CBD capsules and topicals. We love the new CBD capsules which Nanocraft has launched in 2020. The capsules are a combination of a cannabinoid and a natural supplement. These options include CBG/Caffeine, CBN/Melatonin and CBG/Curcumin. 

    Coupon Code: NANO10OFF

    Promotion Details: Enter code NANO10OFF at checkout to receive 10% off all products Nanocraft CBD Products.

    Product Details: Ardent Cannabis has developed one of the leading decarboxylator devices on the market. We use our Ardent Nova to make full spectrum CBD oil

    Coupon Code: CBDBENEFITS

    Promotion Details: Use coupon code CBDBENEFITS to received 10% off Ardent sitewide.

    Product Details: Cannaflower CBD has the best CBD flower on the market. We have yet to find another CBD flower company that can match the quality that Cannaflower consistently produces. If you're unsure what CBD flower to buy, we recommend reviewing our top CBD flower strains

    Coupon Code: CBDBENEFITS

    Promotion Details: Enter code CBDBENEFITS at checkout to receive 10% off all Cannaflower products.